25 Movie Titles If They Were Changed To Clickbait

Posted by , Updated on April 22, 2024

Clickbait… is widely scorned in the realm of digital media. Yet, it can serve up some laughter, especially when you’re the one creating the clickbait. Today, we’re adapting this approach to famous movie titles. Following extensive research from different online platforms, we’re excited to reveal these 25 beloved Movie Titles Reimagined as Clickbait!

Featured Image: commons.wikimedia.org (public domain)


He Rubs The Lamp. What He Does Next? Genius.

AladdinSource: the-daily.buzz



Panda Learns Kung Fu...Click To See Full Video!

Kung Fu PandaSource: distractify

Kung Fu Panda


This Young Woman Froze Her Entire Kingdom! What Happens Next Will Give You Chills!

FrozenSource: thechive



Watch As This Old Yellow Dog Captures A Young Boy’s Heart. What Happens At The End Will Have You In Tears.

Old YellerSource: thechive

Old Yeller


This Mentally Challenged Man Will Break Your Heart In 10 Minutes!

Forrest GumpSource: thechive

Forrest Gump


This Little Homesick Extra Terrestrial Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

E.T.Source: distractify



This Old Man Modified a DeLorean. You Won’t Believe What Happens Previously!

Back To The FutureSource: thechive

Back To The Future


After Her First Love Was Lost At Sea, She Found A Princely New Suitor. What Happened Next Was Inconceivable!

The Princess BrideSource: Slant_Juicy via reddit

The Princess Bride


You’ll Never Believe How Many Dalmatians Are In This Movie!

102 DalmatiansSource: Bigred2989 via reddit

102 Dalmatians


Are You Dreaming Right Now? One Amazing Trick To Make Sure You’re Not Getting Your Thoughts Stolen!

InceptionSource: distractify



These Five Teenagers Spend Their Afternoon In Detention. What Happened Next Will Warm Your Heart!

The Breakfast ClubSource: thevoid68 via reddit

The Breakfast Club


7 Reasons Why We Might Be Living In A Computer Simulation. #5 Will Blow Your Mind!

MatrixSource: TheAethereal via reddit



You Won't Believe What The Answer To Life, The Universe, And Everything Is!

Hitchhikers Guide To The GalaxySource: the_named via reddit

Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy


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Find Out What It Is That Samuel Jackson Has Had Enough Of!

Snakes On A PlaneSource: distractify

Snakes On A Plane


EXCLUSIVE: The New Club That Nobody's Allowed To Talk About!

Fight ClubSource: Bronn-Burgundy via reddit

Fight Club


Local Man Searches The Galaxy For The Elements. You Won't Believe How Number 5 Saved Him!

The 5th ElementSource: rosewolf70 via reddit

The 5th Element


This Man Looks Younger Every Day, Doctors Hate Him!

The Curious Case of Benjamin ButtonSource: distractify

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button


9 Fellows Go To Destroy A Ring. Numbers 3 and 4 Made Us Cry But You’ll Be Amazed At What Number 7 Did!

Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the RingSource: distractify

Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring


You’ll Never Guess What Happens To This Unsinkable Ship!

TitanicImage: commons.wikimedia.org (public domain)



10 Things I Hate About You!

10 things I hate about you!Source: Bbaker221 via reddit

10 things I hate about you!


They Stole His Car And Killed His Dog. You'll Never Believe What He Does Next!

John WickSource: CedarWolf via reddit

John Wick


This One Amazing Service Will Guarantee You Citizenship! Would You Like To Know More?

Starship TroopersSource: laststandman via reddit

Starship Troopers


He Got Left Behind. How This One Weird Trick Saved His Life And Could Save Yours Too!

Matt DamonSource: phoebe81 via reddit

Any movie starring Matt Damon


Rich Kid Loses Parents...You Won't Believe What He Does With His Inheritance!!

BatmanSource: aspleenic via reddit



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A Lonely Candy-Maker Lures Children to His Factory - What He Does to Them Will Shock You!

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate FactorySource: YourFavoriteAuD via reddit