25 Most Venomous Creatures On Earth

Have you ever been bitten by a snake or a scorpion? Chances are everything turned out okay, but that’s not always the case. There are some creatures out there that will mess you up quite significantly if you happen to suffer a bite from one of them. These are the 25 Most Venomous Creatures On Earth!

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Mexican Beaded Lizard

Mexican Beaded LizardSource: nationalgeographic.com

While it doesn’t have fangs, this lizard will chew on its prey until its venomous saliva drips into the wound. Bites can cause respiratory arrest in humans.


Brazilian wandering spider

Brazilian wandering spiderSource: nationalgeographic.com

This spider’s venom is so strong that it rivals that of many snakes. Symptoms include intense pain, paralysis, and respiratory arrest (followed by death).


Fat-tailed scorpion

Fat-tailed scorpionSource: nationalgeographic.com

The Tunisian version of this creature accounts for nearly 90% of scorpion deaths in North Africa every year.



boomslang snakeSource: scientificamerican.com

A bite from this snake can be a nightmare. Victims typically bleed out of every hole in their body due to its hemotoxic effects.



CatfishSource: nationalgeographic.com

Catfish? Yup, the catfish you cook is actually quite venomous. It’s quite painful, and it’s recommended that you seek medical treatment if you get stung. While it’s not usually fatal, its venom can be strong enough to kill a human.

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