25 Most Ridiculous Insurance Claims Ever

While insurance plays an important role in society there are pitfalls to any social system. Of course, not everybody on this list is out to suck as much money as they can from the insurance companies…some are genuinely having a terribly unfortunate day, but either way these claims can be pretty funny. These are the 25 most ridiculous insurance claims ever.

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Cow Lick

Cow lick

A couple vacationing in southern France filed an insurance claim for the paint on their car after it got licked off by a herd of cows.


Isabel Parker’s Slip and Fall

24 isabel parker_tn

For 7 years between 1993 and 2000 Isabel Parker pretended to slip and fall in various locations. After doing it nearly 49 times she filed insurance claims worth nearly a millions dollars. Unfortunately for her the insurance company didn’t fall for it.


Marc Thompson’s Arson

23 Marc_Bentley_Thompson_admitted_arson._PHOTO_Bob_Weatherston_t500x319_tn

Marc Thompson burned down his house while his 90 year old mother was inside in order to collect $730,000 of insurance. He is now serving 190 years behind bars.


Monkey Business

Monkey business

While vacationing in Malasia a couple had their clothes stolen and scattered around the jungle by a thieving band of monkeys. The insurance company agreed to cover their losses.


Broken nose, broken pride

Bus shelter

A British tourist in Athens ended up running into a bus shelter after supposedly being distracted by a group of females. In spite of his embarrassing mistake the insurance company still cover the hospital bill.

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