25 Most Popular Urban Legends Still Being Told

Whether it’s an unsolved mystery, a popular misconception, or sometimes just a big hoax, urban legends are an inevitable part of any culture. Told around campfires, at parties, or in casual conversation, these myths still find a way to be handed down from generation to generation. Even with the resources at our finger tips, many urban legends refuse to be stamped out. Often, they have their origin in some vaguely twisted version of a true story which only make them sound reasonable and true. Regardless of their veracity, they make for a good tale around the fire. Here are the 25 Most Popular Urban Legends Still Being Told.

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Mr. Rogers was a Navy SEAL

mister rogers

According to this legend, Mr. Rogers, the popular children’s show host, was once a Navy SEAL sniper in Vietnam, responsible for numerous deaths. The only reason he wears a sweater is to cover up all of his tattoos. As you may have guessed, Mr. Rogers was never a Navy SEAL and he had no tattoos. In fact, he was never even in the military. This isn’t the first time, however, that this rumor has circulated concerning a clean cut celebrity.


Bloody Mary

bloody mary

A popular one at sleep overs, according to this myth, if you turn out the lights, look into a mirror and say Bloody Mary three times (in some versions the number of times differs), then you will summon the spirit of Mary Worth, a woman who was supposedly executed for being a witch.


Kennedy and the Jelly Donut


Kennedy made a trip to Germany back in the 60′s in an attempt to connect with the German people. While giving a speech in the capital he told the crowd, “Ich bin ein Berliner” or “I am a Berliner.” Apparently though, a “berliner” is also a type of German pastry. Since then, stories circulated claiming he was practically laughed off stage afterwards. The truth is, however, that that the crowd understood him perfectly and nary a single eyebrow was raised at the statement.


The Dissolving Tooth

coca cola

There are so many Coca-Cola legends that they have their own category known as “Colklore.” The most popular says if you leave a tooth in a cup of Coke overnight, by morning the tooth would be completely dissolved. Like most of the other legends involving the popular drink, this is totally untrue.


The Good Samaritan


Circulating for years, this legend tells of a motorist who stops on the side of the road to help someone fix their flat tire. The person being helped asks the motorist for his address to send a reward. Several weeks later the motorist receives $10,000 in the mail. Over the years this story has been attributed to several celebrities, most recently Donald Trump.

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