25 Disturbing Things Found In A Hotel Room

Most people would rather not find anything disturbing in a hotel room. We want it clean, tidy, and looking like no one else ever stayed there. One would hope this would be the case 100% of the time, but of course, that’ll never happen. While you’re left in the dark, maids and cleaning staff are well aware of the horrors, being on the front lines and the first to discover the items left behind in hotel rooms. Often, the mess is downright disgusting. Ready to hear about the weirdest things hotel workers have seen? Here are 25 Disturbing Things Found In A Hotel Room.

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Peep Hole

peep holeSource: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/world/couple-finds-peephole-mexican-hotel-room-article-1.1247009

On their one-year anniversary, a Canadian couple found a peephole drilled in their Mexican hotel room at the Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya resort. They found the hole in their bathroom one day after staying there. The hole led into the maintenance room of the hotel.



human babySource: https://www.therichest.com/shocking/15-most-disturbing-things-discovered-by-hotel-maids/

While patrolling the Peppermill Hotel-Casino, a security officer heard a child crying in one of the hotel rooms. When the child wouldn’t stop crying, he grew concerned and entered the room to find the fifteen-month-old child all alone. When the father showed up thirty minutes later, he was arrested by police.



tarantulaSource: https://www.rd.com/culture/crazy-things-hotel-rooms/

While taking a boat down the Mekong from Thailand to Laos, a couple stayed at a barebones hotel room, put the mosquito net up, and turned out the light. Then, they noticed something moving. He turned on his flashlight and saw on the wall the biggest tarantula ever, roughly the size of both his hands combined. He mustered up the courage to shoo it away and since has always done a “tarantula check.”


An Urn

urnSource: https://www.rd.com/culture/crazy-things-hotel-rooms/

After finding a bag with a motorcycle helmet in the bushes, the hotel employee logged it in their system. If no one claims it in 30 days, they go through the stuff and see if it can be donated. While going through it, they found an urn. Fortunately, they contacted the coroner’s office and were able to get it back to the family.



condomsSource: https://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/4vfqvz/hotel_maids_of_reddit_what_was_the_most/d5y5rom/

While working as a maid in a hotel, a creepy old man would hit on the maids all the time. When they went into his room, they always found a strategically placed wrapped condom on the dresser that looked like it came from the 70’s.

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