25 Most Outrageous Feats Done With The Human Body

Most records are pretty boring and effortless like the shortest person, oldest people or the longest legs. Nevertheless, some records require more talent, preparation and determination to pull off. Sometimes it even requires some level of oddity and bizarreness just to be able to put oneself in the Guinness Book of World Records. In appreciation of the people who have transcended body limits and accomplished equally great and unusual things, here are the top 25 most outrageous feats done with the human body.

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An Arctic Marathon

Arctic Circle

Wim Hof, sometimes known as the Ice Man, is famous for running a marathon in the arctic at minus 29 degrees Celsius without a shirt on.


Getting Pierced

In just under 8 hours Kam Ma broke the world record for most piercings in a single session when he had 1,015 metal rings inserted all over his body.

Lifting SUVs

Chevrolet Trailblazer

In 2008, a Florida firefighter named Chris Hickman got the world’s attention when he lifted a Chevy Trailblazer off of its trapped passenger with his bare hands and saved the day.


Balancing Spoons

Spoon balancing

In 2011, Etibar Elchiyev broke the world record for “most spoons balanced on a human body” when he managed to secure 50 of them around his neck and chest.


Balancing Cars

Mini Cooper

John Evans, who goes by the title of “professional head balancer”, was able to balance a 159-kilogram (352-pound) mini cooper on his head for 33 seconds without the use of hands.

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