25 Most Notorious Serial Killers Known To Man

Whether it was for purposes of sadism, anger, or some other unknown sociopathic proclivity, these are the 25 most notorious serial killers known to man.

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Zodiac Killer


His identity still being unknown, he murdered numerous people in California in the late 60s and 70s. His name came from a series of taunting cryptograms he sent to the Bay Area Press.


Tsutomy Miyazaki


Known as “Dracula,” Miyazaki is a notorious serial killer known for drinking blood from his victims and eating their hands. He was hanged in 2008.


Ted Bundy


An infamous serial killer, Ted murdered more than 30 females throughout the United States, typically by strangulation. In 1989 he was executed via electric chair.


Saeed Hanaei


Hanaei killed 16 prostitutes in Mashad, Iran. Known as “The Spider Killer,” he also killed his victims through strangulation. He was executed in April 2002 by hanging.


Robert Pickton

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Like most serial killers on this list, Robert typically killed via strangling and mutilation. In 2007, he was caught after murdering 20 people, mostly prostitutes, in Vancouver, Canada. He is now serving a life sentence.

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