25 Most Fraudulent Political Elections In History

An election is considered the greatest “weapon” of democracy, which is widely considered the most perfect form of government. However, there have been many recorded cases in which elections were sullied by violence, fraud, corruption, and bribery, and as a result had the exact opposite results than a fair and democratic election is supposed to have. In case you were wondering which elections have been the most fraudulent in history, check out the following 25 fraudulent political elections.

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Sri Lankan parliamentary elections (2000)

Sri Lankan

These elections were considered one of the most violent in modern times since seventy people were killed during the campaign, including six on Election Day alone. Both the UNP and SLMC parties openly accused the reigning and winning People’s Alliance Party of fraud and intimidation; a claim that most international observers agreed with too.


New York gubernatorial election (1792)

New York gubernatorial election

The 1792 New York gubernatorial election was held in April to elect the governor and lieutenant governor and is remembered for being one of the most fraudulent in American history. John Jay received more votes than George Clinton, but on technicalities the votes of Otsego, Tioga, and Clinton counties were disqualified and not canvassed, giving George Clinton a slight majority in the official results.


Ukrainian parliamentary elections (2014)


Well, I don’t know how to put it better but a Neo-Nazi Party (People’s Front) earned the most seats in the parliament of a European country whose people over a half century ago had fought bravely against Hitler as part of the Soviet Union. If not fraudulent exactly, this was one messed up election for sure.


Hungarian parliamentary election (1947)

Hungarian parliamentary election 1947

The Hungarian parliamentary elections of 1947, which would be the last democratic ones until 1990 and the collapse of communism in the region, went down in history as the “blue-ballot” elections. The Hungarian Communist Party, which had lost the previous election, consolidated its power in the interim using violence, threats, and intimidation. This fact, combined with the weakening of the opposition and a revised electoral law, led to further communist gains.


US presidential election (1960)

United States presidential election (1960)

Various polls and studies have shown that John F. Kennedy is the most loved and admired US president of the past hundred years but his victory in the presidential election of 1960 is considered one of the most controversial as well. Some accounts claimed that mobster Sam Giancana and his Chicago crime syndicate played a role in Kennedy’s victory in Illinois.

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