25 Most Expensive Sports Trading Cards Ever Sold

Are you an avid sports card collector? Well, even if you’re not, you’ll probably be quite surprised to see how valuable some of these cards can be! Ranging from just a couple thousand to millions, these cards are worth an unbelievable amount! So get ready because these are the 25 Most Expensive Sports Trading Cards Ever Sold.


Bird / Erving / Magic RC

Bird / Erving / Magic RCSource: bleacherreport.com

Our first card is worth $60,667 and features three of the greatest basketball players in history.


Sid Luckman

Sid LuckmanSource: forbes.com

Considered the best long-range passer of the time, Luckman was also the first modern T-formation quarterback. Perhaps that’s why his football card comes in at $71,800.


Jim Brown

Jim BrownSource: si.com

Arguably one of the best players in history, Jim’s card goes for $84,800.


Joe Namath RC

Joe Namath RCSource: oldsportscards.com

At $92,433, this is one of the most valuable NFL cards in history.


Wayne Gretzky, Ice Hockey, 1979 O-Pee-Chee

Wayne Gretzky, Ice Hockey, 1979 O-Pee-CheeSource: si.com

This gem mint condition card of Wayne Gretzky is the most expensive hockey card ever sold. It fetched $94,162.

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