25 Most Dangerous Places To Visit As A Tourist

Posted by , Updated on November 17, 2022

While some places are on this list due to armed conflicts and violence, other places are on the list thanks to physical or biological calamities. Regardless of the reasons, the one thing all of these places have in common is that most western governments do not advise travel to them unless it is absolutely necessary. These are the 25 most dangerous places to visit as a tourist. In case you’re wondering, being on this list doesn’t necessarily mean the entire country is bad to visit (although it can). Just make sure to check on regional travel warnings.



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Pertaining specifically to the Darian Gap region on the border of the two nations, this strip of jungle is not only one of the most inaccessible and inhospitable areas in the world, a strong presence of armed guerrillas and drug traffickers earn this place a spot on our list.



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Although not all of Israel would fall into this category, certain areas in and around the Gaza Strip as well as the West Bank are not currently stable enough to be recommended as travel destinations.



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This travel warning would primarily relate to the South Ossetia region. It could be extended to other regions of the former Soviet Union as well, including North Ossetia and Chechnya. Terrorism, kidnapping, and armed conflict in these regions make travel very inadvisable.


Republic of Congo

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Except for the cities of Brazzaville and Pointe-Noire, Republic of Congo would probably not be the best place to take your relaxing summer vacation. Numerous terrorist organizations have been very active in the region.



dangerous travel

Because of a sharp rise in terrorist activity and threats against western interests, many governments have issued travel warnings for Mauritania.


Democratic Republic of the Congo

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Following several major wars one of which was labeled “Africa’s World War” it should come as no surprise that the DRC is not quite the safest place on Earth to visit at the moment.


Sierra Leone

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The first of three countries on this list almost exclusively because of Ebola, most governments have issued travel warnings due to decreased access to medical care.



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Due to the recent Ebola outbreak, Liberia is on the “avoid non-essential travel” list of most nations. Healthcare services are currently overtaxed and as with our next nation, hard to come by.



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Political, social, and economic tensions, coupled with the outbreak of Ebola have led to regional instabilities and violent crimes, especially in areas surrounding Conakry. Furthermore medical services are hard to come by at the present time.



dangerous travel

A rapidly deteriorating security situation along with a high level of terrorist activity and bombings makes travel to Lebanon particularly unadvisable.



dangerous travel

With a recent decent into lawlessness, armed conflict between various factions is a daily reality. The official stance of most western governments is to not go. If you have already gone, well…good luck.



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With the exception of Lagos and Calabar, you would do well to avoid most of Nigeria, especially the north. Terrorism and kidnapping are common and the security situation is very unstable. Non-essential travel is not recommended.



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As a result of ongoing tensions between Eritrea and its neighbors the political and military situation is very unstable and could break down at any moment.



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Increased terrorist activity by Boko Haram has caused numerous governments to advise against non-essential travel.


North Korea

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We probably don’t need to explain why it might be a bad idea to visit this place. Keep in mind that North Korea has detained foreigners even with valid documents on a seemingly random basis. It has also been known to detain foreigners for actions and “violations” committed outside of North Korea.


Central African Republic

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A deteriorating security situation has led most western nations to issue travel warnings to their citizens. Basically this means that if you do actually go, you’re on your own.


South Sudan

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Due to a high level of armed conflict and violent crime, it may be best to leave this newly forged country to cool for a while.



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Since almost all commercial routes in and out of the country have been severed due to the recent outbreak of violence, visiting is all but impossible. But if you do somehow manage to sneak into the country be prepared because leaving is even harder.



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Although civil unrest is not as big of an issue as in other countries, there is a high possibility of being detained, especially if you are visiting from a western country, and exceptionally so if you are visiting from the US, the UK, or Canada.



dangerous travel

The threats of terrorism and kidnapping remain high, especially in the northeast of the country.



dangerous travel

All it takes is one look at the news to tell why traveling to Iraq might not be a very good idea. At present it is a veritable no man’s land filled to the brim with violence.



dangerous travelhttps://www.flickr.com/photos/expertinfantry/5414662835/

A lack of political stability, persistent bombings, and constant fighting between opposing factions make for a very dangerous vacation spot. Furthermore, there is currently not much in the way of diplomatic representation in Mogadishu.



dangerous travel

Between the Darfur situation and the political instability, the amazing views of this vast African nation should probably be relegated to your “to do” list at the moment.



dangerous travel

The official stance of the US State Department is that you should avoid all non-essential travel. Kidnappings, suicide bombings, and social unrest abound.



dangerous travel

In spite of its amazingly beautiful geography, Afghanistan is arguably the most war-torn place on the planet at the moment.

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