25 Most Common Nightmares Everyone Hates

Posted by , Updated on January 10, 2018

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night because of a really bad nightmare? No matter who you are, you’ve almost certainly been terrorized in the middle of the night by your brain. Today we’re going to take a look at the 25 Most Common Nightmares Everyone Hates!

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Losing Your Teeth

Losing your teethSource: businessinsider.com, dreammoods.com

If you’ve never had this dream, you’d be surprised to know how common it is around the world. And in the age of vanity, this nightmare has only been exacerbated. Typically, this dream means that you might lack self confidence or be embarrassed about something.



MonstersSource: businessinsider.com, dreammoods.com

If you didn’t have this nightmare when you were a kid, you’re either lying to yourself or you’ve repressed the memory. Some dream experts say this represents fears or repressed emotions. It might also mean that there’s something you find ugly about yourself.



AirplanesSource: yahoo.com, dreammoods.com

Whether it’s a plane crash or just turbulence, you don’t need to be afraid of heights to have this very common nightmare. Just know you’re not alone. If you dream of an airplane crash, it could mean self-doubt. It could also mean that you’ve set goals for yourself that are a bit unrealistic.



Breaking Stuff

Breaking stuffSource: yahoo.com, dreammoods.com

Especially when that “stuff” involves body parts…

Dream experts say that this could mean a weakness or coming change in some area of your life. It could also mean that you just need to take a rest.


Missing Meetings

Missing meetingsSource: businessinsider.com, dreammoods.com

Like your dentist appointment…or your wedding. Looks like somebody needs to work on their time management! This dream could represent being unprepared in your waking life. It could also show a lack of confidence…like maybe you don’t measure up to a task at hand.


Property Loss or Damage

Property loss or damageSource: businessinsider.com

Whether it’s your house, apartment, car, or whatever…property damage is said to represent feelings of loss or at least the fear of losing something important.



NakednessSource: yahoo.com

Well, not just any nakedness. We’re talking about public nakedness. The losing-your-clothes-in-public nightmare is sometimes said to represent insecurity.


Your Partner Leaving

Your partner leavingSource: yahoo.com

This dream represents one of the deepest human fears – abandonment.



ArmageddonSource: yahoo.com

Apocalyptic dreams are said to be a manifestation of your anxiety towards some big life event. Whether that’s true or not, maybe the prevalence of these dreams is the reason we have so many end-of-the-world movies. Or maybe vice versa….


Buried Alive

Buried aliveSource: yahoo.com

This one can be quite terrifying. Some say that it signifies a fear of insignificance or failure. So basically it’s the dream version of a mid-life crisis.


Phone Malfunction

Phone malfunctionSource: yahoo.com

Nomophobia is a real thing these days (fear of not having a mobile phone). Seriously, we’re not even joking. Many of us have it and don’t even realize it…until our dream phone breaks. Phones in dreams usually represent communication. If your phone isn’t working, perhaps there is a problem with communication in your waking life.


Poor Test Performance

Poor test performanceSource: businessinsider.com, dreammoods.com

Students all over the world can relate to this one, but students in Asia are particularly susceptible to these nightmares given that there is a lot more pressure to perform well in school. As with a lot of these nightmares, it probably represents some sort of insecurity.


Being Chased

Being chasedSource: businessinsider.com

It’s not too often that we get chased in real life, which makes being chased in our dreams all the more terrifying. Some people say that these nightmares signify our fear of confrontation.


Seeing Dead People

Seeing dead peopleSource: businessinsider.com

Apart from just having watched the Sixth Sense, these nightmares are said to represent a fear of the unknown.



DeathSource: yahoo.com

Some people believe that dreaming about death is your mind subconsciously accepting its own mortality.



EntrapmentSource: yahoo.com, dreammoods.com

Whether it’s in an elevator or a random box, people with claustrophobia tend to experience these dreams from time to time. However, even people who aren’t afraid of tight spaces can have these dreams. This dream could mean you’re feeling trapped or restricted in some area of your waking life.


Waking Up Late

Waking up lateSource: huffingtonpost.com, dreammoods.com

Sleeping through your alarm in real life is a pretty terrible feeling; this makes it happening in your dreams a real nightmare! This dream could mean a fear of change or reluctance to take advantage of an opportunity. You could also be overwhelmed with decisions.



SpidersSource: huffingtonpost.com, dreammoods.com

While for some of you, spiders are nothing more than adorable little eight legged critters, most of humanity suffers from varying degrees of arachnophobia. When you see them in a bad dream, it could mean many different things. Interpretations range from feelings of being an outsider, strong feminine power, or protection from self-destruction.


Car Crash

Car crashSource: huffingtonpost.com

This can be especially common for people who have been in car crashes. This means that these nightmares are more common in the United States, Asia, and Africa since these regions have less developed public transport and thus a higher level of vehicle accidents. Some dream experts suggest this might be a metaphor for your beliefs and goals clashing with someone else’s.



DrowningSource: huffingtonpost.com, dreammoods.com

Feeling overwhelmed by your emotions? This nightmare might also represent repressed feelings and issues. Additionally, many times people who have had a near death experience in the water will relive it in their dreams.


Being Lost

Being lostSource: yahoo.com

Some people will tell you this nightmare signifies something in your life that needs to be sorted out…well, maybe. But honestly, we all get lost sometimes don’t we?


Being Shot

Being shotSource: yahoo.com, dreammoods.com

This nightmare tends to be common among soldiers with post traumatic stress disorder or people who have experienced mass shootings. Gun owners or people who play violent video games also tend to experience these nightmares, possibly because they have more gun related anxiety (they tend to worry about being shot more). There might also be some kind of confrontation you’re having with someone in your waking life.


Going to Jail

Going to jailSource: huffingtonpost.com

Many times you can’t even figure out why you were sent to jail; it’s just that you did something wrong and ended up in the slammer. Some would say this signifies that you have something to hide!


Natural Disasters

Natural disastersSource: huffingtonpost.com

Whether it’s a hurricane or an earthquake, social media has brought the horrific effects of once far away event directly to our computer screens. As with many of the items on our list, the 24 hours news cycle and constant flood of information makes us much more prone to anxiety about our lives and our world (although the world is actually a lot safer than it used to be).



FallingSource: yahoo.com, dreammoods.com

This seriously has to be the worst one of all. You can feel the dread of impending doom before slamming into your bed and waking up. But what does it mean? This could be another dream representing insecurities, but it could also represent a bad decision. If you’re not afraid while falling, then it could be a sign that you’ll overcome something bad.

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