25 Magnificent Torres Del Paine National Park Photos You Absolutely Have To See

When it comes to learning about our environment, nature and all the amazing animal and plant species that share the planet with us, there is no better place to visit than a national park. Some of them, such as the Yellowstone National Park, Grand Canyon National Park or Kruger National Park, are famous all over the world, attracting millions of visitors every year. But there are many more marvelous national parks that also deserve the world´s attention and Torres del Paine National Park in Chile is definitely one of them. The park is particularly attractive for photographers and after you take a look at these 25 Magnificent Torres del Paine National Park photos, you’ll see why.

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Occupying an area of over 2,400 square kilometers (935 square miles), the park lies between the Magellanic sub-polar forests and the Patagonian Desert in Southern Chile.

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Established in 1959, the Torres del Paine National Park is easily recognizable thanks to its three distinctive granite peaks of the Paine mountain range which is an eastern spur of the Andes. The peeks extend almost 2,900 meters (9,500 feet) above sea level.

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The spectacular granite spires and mountains of the massif are separated by small valleys. There are four of them: Valle del Francés (French Valley), Valle Bader, Valle Ascencio, and Valle del Silencio (Silence Valley). The French Valley is characterized by strikingly green, lush vegetation.

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In the Valley of Silence the gigantic granite walls of Cerro Fortaleza and Cerro Escudo (Shield Mountain) stand face to face in the western part of the park.

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But the park is not only about mountains, it also boasts of many beautiful lakes, ponds, streams and rivers. Most of them drain into Última Esperanza Sound via the Serrano River with its distinctive sinuous water flow.

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