25 Luxurious Yachts Designed For You To Drool Over

Are you ready to see some ridiculously cool yachts? In this list, we’ve sailed the seven seas to bring you the coolest concept yachts ever designed – many of which have already been built into fully fledged yachts.

You may catch a glimpse of one if you happen to frequent Monaco, Montserrat, or any other playground for the rich and famous. These luxurious vessels are outfitted with the latest technology and the most modern comforts.

It makes a week at sea seem like a week in a five-star resort in the Maldives (and then some). Sporting luxurious delights from helicopter pads to on-ship spas to even a go-kart track, these yachts are the epitome of decadent design. Set sail for luxury in our list of the 25 Luxurious Yachts Designed For You To Drool Over.

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Kokomo Ailand

KOKOMO AILAND by MIGALOO PRIVATE SUBMERSIBLE YACHTS (3)Source & Image: Migaloo Private Submersible Yachts

If you’ve ever found it difficult to decide between a vacation to the sea or to the mountains, now you don’t have to decide! Starting off our list of the coolest concept yachts is Kokomo Ailand: the intersection of man and nature.

Near the middle of this superyacht, you’ll find a jungle world filled with palm trees, botanical gardens, and even a waterfall. Travel down and you’ll find an under-the-sea dining room and shark-feeding area. Travel up and you’ll find the owner’s penthouse – at 260 feet (80 m) above sea level. It’s a beautiful vantage point to enjoy the surrounding scenery.


Dragonship 80

dragonship 80Source & Image: McPherson Yacht Design for Pi Yachts

If any superyacht on this list looks like it should be cruising the solar winds instead of the ocean winds, it’s the futuristic-looking Dragonship 80. Technically a trimaran, this superyacht can pull in its two side hulls to make it more streamlined while docked. Its three stunning sails rotate with the wind and are fitted with solar panels which provide significant energy for the ship.


The Streets of Monaco

streets of Monaco yacht exteriorSource & Image: Yacht Island Design & BMT Nigel Gee

If you’ve ever visited Monaco, you’ve likely thought, “Just what DO these people do with all this money?!” Well, if you’re a Monaco resident who never wants to feel far from home, you can travel on one of the most “out-there” concept yachts on our list – The Streets of Monaco. This yacht dutifully recreates the streets of Monaco down to the last detail including well-known hotels, sights, and even includes a fully-functioning go-kart circuit so guests can feel like Formula 1 drivers even at sea.


Hareide 108

Hareide 108 superyachtSource & Image: Hareide Design

Hareide 108 redefines what it means to have open air space.  In this concept yacht, the passenger goes from passive observer atop a floating throne to actively experiencing nature from a close-up vantage point. The ship is equipped with two pools – one in the front and one next to the garden in the ship’s center – and features an elevated dining area, making guests feel like rulers of a seafaring empire. Hareide 108 is remarkable due to over 3,000 square feet (300 sq m) of solar panels and its gradual transition from ship to sea at the stern – both helping make the yacht as in touch with nature as possible.


Tropical Island Paradise

Yacht-Island-Design---Tropical-Island-ParadiseSource & Image: Yacht Island Design

Brought to you by the same team which made The Streets of Monaco (#23) is Tropical Island Paradise. This superyacht has chosen tropical island life, especially Polynesia and the Pacific Islands, as its driving theme. The ship’s front features a beach cove with tiki huts and a volcano which puts out a stream of water that cascades down into the pool. If relaxing in cabanas among palm trees in the middle of the ocean isn’t enough, you can go to the back of the yacht where small islands with their own cabanas can also be deployed at sea level.

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