25 Luxurious Yachts Designed For You To Drool Over

Posted by , Updated on November 24, 2022

Are you ready to see some ridiculously cool yachts? In this list, we’ve sailed the seven seas to bring you the coolest concept yachts ever designed – many of which have already been built into fully fledged yachts.

You may catch a glimpse of one if you happen to frequent Monaco, Montserrat, or any other playground for the rich and famous. These luxurious vessels are outfitted with the latest technology and the most modern comforts.

It makes a week at sea seem like a week in a five-star resort in the Maldives (and then some). Sporting luxurious delights from helicopter pads to on-ship spas to even a go-kart track, these yachts are the epitome of decadent design. Set sail for luxury in our list of the 25 Luxurious Yachts Designed For You To Drool Over.


Kokomo Ailand

KOKOMO AILAND by MIGALOO PRIVATE SUBMERSIBLE YACHTS (3)Source & Image: Migaloo Private Submersible Yachts

If you’ve ever found it difficult to decide between a vacation to the sea or to the mountains, now you don’t have to decide! Starting off our list of the coolest concept yachts is Kokomo Ailand: the intersection of man and nature.

Near the middle of this superyacht, you’ll find a jungle world filled with palm trees, botanical gardens, and even a waterfall. Travel down and you’ll find an under-the-sea dining room and shark-feeding area. Travel up and you’ll find the owner’s penthouse – at 260 feet (80 m) above sea level. It’s a beautiful vantage point to enjoy the surrounding scenery.


Dragonship 80

dragonship 80Source & Image: McPherson Yacht Design for Pi Yachts

If any superyacht on this list looks like it should be cruising the solar winds instead of the ocean winds, it’s the futuristic-looking Dragonship 80. Technically a trimaran, this superyacht can pull in its two side hulls to make it more streamlined while docked. Its three stunning sails rotate with the wind and are fitted with solar panels which provide significant energy for the ship.


The Streets of Monaco

streets of Monaco yacht exteriorSource & Image: Yacht Island Design & BMT Nigel Gee

If you’ve ever visited Monaco, you’ve likely thought, “Just what DO these people do with all this money?!” Well, if you’re a Monaco resident who never wants to feel far from home, you can travel on one of the most “out-there” concept yachts on our list – The Streets of Monaco. This yacht dutifully recreates the streets of Monaco down to the last detail including well-known hotels, sights, and even includes a fully-functioning go-kart circuit so guests can feel like Formula 1 drivers even at sea.


Hareide 108

Hareide 108 superyachtSource & Image: Hareide Design

Hareide 108 redefines what it means to have open air space.  In this concept yacht, the passenger goes from passive observer atop a floating throne to actively experiencing nature from a close-up vantage point. The ship is equipped with two pools – one in the front and one next to the garden in the ship’s center – and features an elevated dining area, making guests feel like rulers of a seafaring empire. Hareide 108 is remarkable due to over 3,000 square feet (300 sq m) of solar panels and its gradual transition from ship to sea at the stern – both helping make the yacht as in touch with nature as possible.


Tropical Island Paradise

Yacht-Island-Design---Tropical-Island-ParadiseSource & Image: Yacht Island Design

Brought to you by the same team which made The Streets of Monaco (#23) is Tropical Island Paradise. This superyacht has chosen tropical island life, especially Polynesia and the Pacific Islands, as its driving theme. The ship’s front features a beach cove with tiki huts and a volcano which puts out a stream of water that cascades down into the pool. If relaxing in cabanas among palm trees in the middle of the ocean isn’t enough, you can go to the back of the yacht where small islands with their own cabanas can also be deployed at sea level.



komorebi-yachtSource & Image: VP LP Design

Komorebi looks partly like a Russian ice breaker and partly like a sport racing sailboat. This 282 foot (86 m) long trimaran sports automatic sails which pivot to make the most of the wind, reducing power usage by up to 30%. Tender boats, sailboats, and even a submarine can pull up between the yacht’s main hull and flank hulls to be stored while the ship’s owners are having some down time. Named after the Japanese term for when nature is enhanced by the sun’s rays, the Komorebi makes sunlight a priority and is outfitted throughout with massive open spaces and plenty of glass for maximum solar penetration.


Motor Yacht A

motor yacht aSource & Image: Philippe Starck

Motor Yacht A was the famous play toy of Russian billionaires Andrey & Aleksandra Melnichenko. This superyacht is best known for its unique design resembling a white, military-style submarine; it sometimes mimics a military vessel, too, with a bomb-proof master cabin with rotating bed and space for two tender boats. The Melnichenkos are reportedly selling the yacht so they can upgrade to an even bigger superyacht bearing sails taller than the tower which houses London’s Big Ben.



Epiphany yachtSource & Image: Andy Waugh Yacht Design

One of Epiphany’s most striking features is its simple design, making it look like a fish while cruising over the sea. This superyacht is fully equipped for those looking to play, whether in the cinema, gym, spa, or gaming area. Its cascading decks make it look like a man-made waterfall at sea – a sleek, futuristic waterfall, that is.


Project Moonstone

Project-Moonstone-superyacht-Oceanco-concept-starsSource & Image: Van Geest Design

If boats seem like artificial anomalies on an otherwise natural ocean, Project Moonstone is here to remedy that. This superyacht is coated with a shimmering exterior which reflects the color of the ocean. If there’s not enough light to reflect, a fish-eye camera lens can capture the exact color of a sunset on the left side of the ship and project it on the right side, making it appear partially camouflaged. If there’s no light at all, Project Moonstone’s owner can choose her own custom lightshow right from her smartphone, making this yacht a delight to see when at harbor.


Origin 575

Origin-575Source & Image: Nigel Irens Design, CMN Shipyard, & Christophe Chedal-Anglay

Origin 575 is by no means the largest yacht on our list, but it is one of the most distinguishable thanks to its design. This luxury cruiser is a trimaran, creating a more stable experience for passengers in rough seas while reducing drag, allowing the boat to go farther, faster. While it may not be a replica of a tropical island like Tropical Island Paradise, it still features everything a rich owner could desire with plenty of entertaining space and the potential for helicopter and submarine parking.



kraken yachtSource & Image: Eduard Gray Designs

If the Transformers existed in real life, the Kraken would be Starscream’s brother. This 250 foot (75 m) catamaran looks more like a car than a boat, complete with racing stripes and a sleek design. What looks like a massive windshield doubles as a skylight for the owner’s lounge and gives a beautiful and expansive view of the sea ahead. Oh, and did we mention this car look-a-like has space for a helicopter to land at the back?


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Maltese Falcon

the Maltese Falcon, 88m Falcon RigSource & Image: Gerard Dijkstra & Ken Freivokh Design

The Maltese Falcon is truly a wonder to be seen. This superyacht seems more like a racing boat than a luxury yacht. Truthfully, it’s a fusion of both. The boat’s three-mast design, derived from 19th century clipper ships, boasts sails with special sensors which can detect wind speed and other nautical measurements and be mechanically pivoted, allowing the ship to be operated by a single person. We hear it’s now available for private charter at around €400,000 per week.


Super Sports 18

Super Sport 18Source & Image: Glider Yachts

Super Sports 18 may not be a mega-yacht like most of the others on our list, but its design firmly places it among the most eccentric. Designed by combining aerospace engineering and Formula 1 technology, this cool concept yacht has been created for speed, able to reach up to 56 knots in the water. Its unique design means any journey, even one in rough seas, is comfortable and stable. Though the SS18 doesn’t have cabins for people to stay the night, its makers also build similarly-designed yachts with on-board accommodation for up to 12 guests.



68m_expedition yachtSource & Image: Sunrise Yachts & Tony Castro Designs

Described by its designers as “a real Range Rover of the seas,” the Expedition super-yacht combines long range fishing ship design with luxurious elegance to make it the perfect ship for circumnavigating the globe. Guests are not likely to be bored on this superyacht, which comes complete with space for a helicopter, two limo tenders, a car, a submarine, paddle-boards, and even jet skis. If the toys weren’t enough, she’s also outfitted with a retractable roof, sauna, scuba diving pool, and wine cellar.



CAT SWATH yachtSource & Image: Espen Øino & Danish Yachts

Able to transform from a catamaran meant for speed into a ballasted ship meant for stability, Espen Øino & Danish Yachts’ CAT-SWATH is a luxurious application of industrial technology. Nearly 360° windows give passengers unrivaled views of the surrounding ocean while a helicopter pad on the upper layer means its owners can fly in from anywhere in the world if they’re looking for some time off.



ManifestoSource & Image: VP LP Design

Perfect for both long-distance cruising and exploring shallow bays, Manifesto is a 233 foot (71 m) long catamaran designed in France. Its length means it has plenty of cabin and entertaining space for up to 12 guests who can relax among the cruiser’s pond, Japanese rock garden, and submarine.



SymmetrySource & Image: Sinot Exclusive Yacht Designs

Symmetry is the perfect name for a yacht which has been built from the center out rather than via the traditional, linear design. Described as a “custom-designed private estate, moving freely over the world’s oceans,” Symmetry is packed with goodies for the rich and famous including an infinity pool, a spa, and a deck which can be extended over the ocean to create a private saltwater swimming bay. A night aboard this superyacht feels more like a night in a luxury hotel than one out at sea.


Double Century

Double-CenturySource & Image: Christopher Seymour Designs

The only thing Double Century is missing to be a fully-fledged cruise ship is around-the-clock soft-serve ice cream. If having nine decks and two helicopter pads wasn’t enough, the ship also has space for 100 crew members to wait on up to 50 passengers. These guests are well taken care of with the ship’s eight elevators, cinema, bar, and disco. With a yacht this good, why would you ever go back to land?


Trilobis 65

Trilobis 65Source & Image: Giancarlo Zema Design Group

Named after long-extinct ocean-dwelling creatures, Trilobis 65 is the most environmentally friendly (and one of the most bizarre) concept yachts on our list. This four-story ship is better suited for exploring bays and atolls than speeding across the oceans. Its coolest features include electrochemical windows which can change their opacity in response to outside light, a joystick in the control room which can spin the yacht 360° in place, and an underwater observation globe outfitted with computers which give viewers real-time information on nearby aquatic creatures.



CF8-artist impressionSource & Image: Sea Level Yacht Design

One of the strangest concept yacht designs on our list is CF8. Short for “cars and family in 80 meters,” this is the perfect playtoy for a car fanatic. Not only does it feature a stream with a cascading waterfall, it also has a pool which can be converted into a dance floor. Despite these cool features, CF8’s real selling point is its showroom space. This superyacht comes equipped with enough space to transport and show off eight luxury cars. As if having a super-yacht wasn’t enough already.


Admiral X-Force 145

Admiral XFORCE145Source & Image: Sergei Dobroserdov Designs & Italian Sea Group

At 475 feet (145 m) long, Admiral X-Force 145 is a seriously massive yacht, even taller than a 40 story building. Though it looks more like a commercial vessel than a yacht, it acts like the ultimate party paradise. Besides its two swimming pools – the upper one acting as a skylight for the lower one – this superyacht has extensive windows and curved walls which give it an open and airy feel. Side panels near the back of the ship open to create additional balconies and areas for guests to roam.



skyback yachtSource & Image: Cor D. Rover & Fincantieri Yachts

At times, Skyback seems more like a cruise ship than a yacht. With six decks and a staff of 25 waiting on anywhere from 5-10 guests, Skyback also features a unique, extendable mezzanine which can cover the ship’s swimming pool and outside deck in case of cold or inclement weather. (Basically, you can still go for a swim in the heated pool while floating just off the coast of Antarctica.) If you want to dance the night away, the pool folds up to create a massive dance floor.



Project L3 yachtSource & Image: McPherson Yacht Design & BMT Nigel Gee

Project L3 is one of the fastest superyachts on our list, able to reach speeds above 40 knots. But its speed isn’t its only impressive quality – Project L3 is a gadget man’s dream, able to house a high-speed inflatable boat, racing catamaran, and seaplane. After a hard day of cruising around the ocean on this beauty, guests can sit back and relax with the open-air fire pit and drop-down cinema on the bridge deck.



Jazz Yacht ZHA_Blohm+VossSource & Image: Zaha Hadid

Superyacht Jazz redefines what it means to be a yacht. This luxurious ship looks more like a work of art on the sea than it does a cruiser, covered by an interwoven support network akin to a cathedral’s buttresses. Beyond their artistic qualities, the outer supports mean more space is available inside the ship, making the decks massive, uninterrupted spaces for guests.



shaddai yachtSource & Image: Gabriele Teruzzi Yacht & Design

With a name meaning “omnipotent,” you can be sure Shaddai is one cool yacht. Designer Gabriele Teruzzi has given the ship’s owner the height of luxury – literally. The owner’s cabin is raised above the main decks like a stadium light and is fully equipped with lounging areas and an infinity pool falling off its surface, creating a waterfall and the sensation of peace. Another infinity pool above the lower deck opens up the space and allows light to flood the area, including the aquarium – you know, in case you ever felt too far from the sea.

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