25 Easy Lifehacks You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

Posted by , Updated on October 8, 2018

People constantly find clever ways to make things easier for them. They turn ordinary tools into things with more relevant uses, coming up with faster processes other than the already fast process we normally follow. In the end, these easy lifehacks are basically just using common sense to get through daily chores. With ingenuity, creativity, and sometimes simple practicality, these 25 Easy Lifehacks You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner were developed to help you keep your lives stress-free.

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Recycled Uncooked Pasta Keepers


Sure there are a lot of pasta keepers you can buy at the grocers, but why spend extra for those when potato chip canisters can keep them dry, too? Think about it, these canisters are made to keep your potato chips fresh and crisp even after you’ve already opened it, so it’s going to work that way with your pasta, too.


Chopsticks...not just for sushi


This one may sound a little strange, but trust us. Don’t you hate how your fingers get all coated with that orange stuff after chowing down on some Cheetos? (Some may say that orange stuff is cheese, but we’re not actually too sure. Whatever it is, it’s delicious!) The solution? Chopsticks! It may even give you a hint of sophistication.


Heating up Leftover Pizza in the Microwave

pizza in microwavehttp://imgur.com/

A small amount of water in a glass with your pizza when heated in a microwave can keep your pizza crusts crunchy in the outside and soft in the inside. Sprinkling water on your bread before heating can also keep it from turning tough and stone hard.


Finding Missing Jewelry

vacuum hosewww.instructables.com

Ever lost a teeny piece of earring on your faux fur rug or in any hard to reach crevice? Tie a pantyhose on the end of a vacuum hose and aim it on the possible places where it ended up. If it’s really there as you suspect it, then the stocking would filter it while being sucked up by the vacuum.


Storing Cleaning Supplies

hanging shoe rackhttp://lifehacker.com/

Not only are they dangerous for kids, quite often they get disorganized and end up in one big mess. A hanging shoe rack is one way to solve your problem…Just be sure to hang it on a door where the kids can’t get to it, like in a garage or storage area. 

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