25 Industry Secrets That Everybody In The Field Knows

As a consumer you’ve no doubt been exposed to numerous ads (especially on the internet) that claim things like “man found cure for baldness…doctors hate him!” Sadly, these ads work. They play on our ingrained paranoia and cynicism about the world and lead us to believe there are deep, dark industry secrets being kept from us. The logic goes, doctors don’t want to tell you the cure for baldness because then they won’t make money peddling you the cure. This guy found the cure and wants to tell you, so doctors hate him. You might think the fact that those cures don’t work or even that you have to dish out cash to get this supposed cure would deter people from believing those ads. However, they don’t because people want to believe them.

So, today we’re going to reinforce their belief. We’re going to make them even more paranoid about the world, which will cause them to dish out even more of their cash on devious get rich quick schemes. For those of you who actually take the time to read the introduction, good job. The real secret is only revealed when you read through the entire list. That’s right, at the very end. These are 25 open secrets that everybody in the industry knows but the consumers don’t!

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Some states don’t regulate draft systems. This means that there are restaurants who have never changed their beer lines. Gross. That extra special flavor you are picking up might not be seasonal after all.


Advice Columns

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Do you know who writes letters to magazines asking for advice? Probably nobody that you’ve ever met. In fact, 90% of the questions in the advice column were written by the same people who wrote the answers.



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More than 80% of what a teacher does is deal with paperwork, bureaucracy, parents, and administration…all for very little respect or acknowledgement. This is a big reason why many teachers leave the profession.



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The speed painters you’ve seen on the street have the image all drawn out before hand. The markings are just too faint for you to see.



MediaImage: wikipedia, Source: businessinsider

Nielsen TV and radio ratings are very inaccurate, and the sample sizes are often way too small (10 people for several hundred thousand). Nonetheless, marketing companies pay stations based on them.

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