25 Incredible Photographs Showing Nature’s Wrath

Every year natural disasters cost the world billions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of lives. And as the world gets smaller the damage these catastrophes are responsible for will only increase. If you’re one of the lucky ones to have only read about the destruction from a distance then count your blessings and check out our 25 incredible photographs showing nature’s wrath to see what you missed (and others endured).


Tornado – Kansas (2009)

Tornado - Kansas (2009)Image Source

Tsunami Wave – Japan (2011)

Tsunami Wave - Japan (2011)


Waterspout and Volcano – Hawaii (2009)

Waterspout and Volcano - Hawaii (2009)

Forest Fire – Russia (2009)

Forest Fire - Russia (2009)Artyom Korotayev


Flooding After A Typhoon – Philippines (2009)

Flooding After A Typhoon - Philippines (2009)Jay Directo

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