25 Incredible Frozen Wonders You Have To See This Winter

With so many U.S. cities dealing with the aftermath of the extremely devastating snowstorm Jonas a while ago, it might be hard to find any pleasure in anything related to winter. The enormous snow load brought traffic to a halt, people could not get to where they needed and it was so cold that snow actually appeared in some surprising places such as Georgia and even Florida! However, snow is one of the most remarkable things Mother Nature uses to create breathtaking natural phenomenon. Made from ice and snow, the incredible winter wonders you are about to see are truly unique (in spite of the fact that most of these frozen wonders last for a very short period of time).

Just a few decades ago, some of these amazing winter spectacles were quite common in many parts of the world but now, thanks to climate changes, they are becoming rarer and rarer. If you liked our 25 Astonishing Winter Photos From Around The World, you will definitely enjoy this list. From astonishing ice caves and frozen waterfalls to striped icebergs and ice volcanoes, these are 25 Incredible Frozen Wonders You Have To See This Winter.

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Ice cave

Ice cave in AlaskaSource: en.wikipedia.org

An ice cave is any type of natural cave (most commonly lava tubes or limestone caves) that contains significant amounts of perennial (year-round) ice which – when lit by daylight – creates spectacular displays in the cave. This beautiful ice cave formed in Alaska.


Carved iceberg

Carved IcebergSource: www.dailymail.co.uk

Formed by biting polar winds, freezing waters and sub-zero temperatures, these breathtaking carved icebergs can be found in the west of the Antarctic Peninsula, the northernmost part of the mainland of Antarctica.


Ice circle

Ice circleSource: en.wikipedia.org, image: Wikipedia

Also known as ice disc or ice pan, the ice circle is a rare natural phenomenon that occurs in slow moving water in cold climates. Ice circles are thin and circular slabs of ice that rotate slowly in the water. In 2013, a giant ice circle of over 50 ft (15 m) in diameter was observed in North Dakota.


Ice canyon

Ice canyonSource: feel-planet.com Image: Flickr user: Paxson Woelber

In Greenland, the world´s largest island 80% of which is covered under a permanent ice sheet, ice canyons sometimes form. Known as the Birthday Canyon, this 150 ft (46 m) deep canyon carved by melt-water is one of the most photographed features of the island.



GlacierSource: en.wikipedia.org, image: flickr.com

The main difference between a glacier and an iceberg is that glacier only forms on land and it is usually larger than an iceberg that floats – mostly submerged – in water. Known as the Upsala Glacier, this glacier is located in the Los Glaciares National Park in Southwest Argentina.

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