25 Incredible Discoveries You Won’t Believe Exist

Some of the most unbelievable things in the world are discovered each year, ranging greatly from minor to life-changing and from completely accidental to intended. There are also many different areas in which discoveries are made such as space exploration, archaeology, natural science etc. Some of these discoveries have even helped us to reveal or better understand some of the most unbelievable things in the world. Want to know what some of these discoveries are? From Tsunamis on Mars to the mysterious Shroud of Turin, if you want to learn more about some unbelievable things that are true, check out these 25 Incredible Discoveries You Won’t Believe Exist.

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Headless Vikings of Dorset

Bone-Skull-Skeleton-Bury-Museum-Dead-Death-Femur-390166Source: ancient-origins.net

In June 2009, archeologists made a shocking discovery in the seaside town of Weymouth in Dorset, England. While preparing for the Weymouth Relief Road, they discovered a mass grave containing the remains of 54 skeletons and 51 skulls in a pile within a Roman quarry no longer in use. Experts think the men may have been executed for some sort of treason.


Galileans Moons

Galileans MoonsSource: bard.edu via Wikipedia

When Galileo Galilei, a famous Italian Renaissance astronomer, turned his newly constructed spyglass to the sky in January 1610, he had no idea he would discover the four largest moons of Jupiter (now known as the Galilean Moons). In fact, no scientist up to that day had predicted that the other planets would also have their own moons.


Evolution of Microbes

Microbes Source: smithsonianmag.com

Antibiotics and vaccines have saved millions of lives, but to scientists’ surprise, some microbes are evolving faster than we can find ways to fight them. The influenza virus, for example, mutates so quickly that last year’s vaccination is usually ineffective against this year’s bug. Some hospitals might be also infested with antibiotic-resistant bacteria that can turn a small cut into a life-threatening infection.


Moa Birds

Moa BirdsSource: sciencedirect.com, image: https://commons.wikimedia.org (public domain)

When the first moa bones were discovered in 1830’s, biologists were reluctant to admit they might belong to birds. Now we know that the Moa were gigantic flightless birds native to New Zealand. Their extinction occurred around CE 1300 – CE 1440, mostly due to overhunting by Maori tribes, who settled the island around 1280.


Yonaguni Monument

Yonaguni MonumentSource: robertschoch.net via Wikipedia

In 1987, while looking for a good place to observe hammerhead sharks, a director of the Yonaguni-Cho Tourism Association, Kihachiro Aratake, noticed some singular seabed formations resembling architectonic structures off the coast of Yonaguni, the southernmost of the Ryukyu Islands, in Japan. There is an ongoing debate about whether the site is completely natural, a natural site that has been modified or a man-made artifact.

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