25 Impossibly Acrobatic Stunts

Unless you are an acrobat yourself, you likely have no idea how these brave souls pulled off these impossibly acrobatic stunts. These acrobats accomplish this task in an extraordinary fashion that would leave the rest of us twisted in knots. The talented performers on this list are specially trained to balance atop each other’s heads, shoulders, and even feet. In this case, it’s not enough to know your own sense of balance, but also the balance of your partners as well. Forget the human pyramid, these 25 Impossibly Acrobatic Stunts are the real deal.

Looks like someone will have a headache tomorrow

woman balancing on man's head with one hand

You would hate to be the guy on the bottom

acrobats dressed in red in a pyramid

Can you do what these kids can?

two young girls one on the other's shoulders

Look closely, they are on top of a parade float!

woman upside down on top of man on truck

Talk about a crazy stunt!


You have to be close friends to try this

two men in union jack shorts splitting on top of each other

What talented kids!

children building upside down pyramid

Think how strong he must be.

man contorted on top of stilts

That's one strong man on the bottom!

three acrobats making a Y

Acrobats love bikes

six acrobats with fans on a bike

If you think this is easy, give it a try

man planking on top of another man planking

We will give you a hint, it’s not easy at all. However you might be able to pull off some of these awesome planks.


You wish you were as flexible as her

man holding up woman doing splits

Look at all those burning plungers.

three acrobats standing atop each other with fire

This is why one arm is longer than the other...

woman holding man hanging from silks

You can't even balance the plates.

seven women each balancing plates and other women

Who's job is harder? The ones holding the girl or the girl holding herself up?

acrobats in contrasting colors with women suspended in the air

Your parents were never this cool.

man holding up woman and baby

Quick! Get five friends...

5 men each standing on one man

Actually, don’t. You’ll probably get hurt trying to be an acrobat, but you’ll love these challenges for friends.


We are jealous of those costumes

men in elaborate costumes in a pyramid

Wheels make acrobatics even cooler

man and woman on a wheel

Another bicycle

acrobats aligned like a bike

Something is a little fishy here

acrobats in neon fish costumes

Look, no hands!

Man with woman above him with hands outstreached

Talk about some steady chairs

Man balancing on top of chairs

Acrobatics in the air look terrifying.

Twin brothers hanging by a hand with interlocked legs

The best impossible acrobatic stunt is...

woman balancing cups on top of her hands

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