25 Awesome Planking Pictures

These awesome planking pictures will have you wondering why this crazy fad ever died out. Starting in 2009, this “extreme lying down” was the coolest thing since sliced bread for the brave few that were willing to plank in public. From planking in the most dangerous places (like the middle of the street or on top of a building) to planking with friends, this list brings you the absolute best planking images on the web. Think your strong enough to put out a public plank? Maybe you think you’re strong enough to break the world planking record (10 hours!). Whether you’re a fan of planking or just looking for something funny, make sure to check out these 25 Awesome Planking Pictures!

Egyptian Style Plank

planking in front of the pyrimids

Mile-High Plank

planking across airplane overhead bins

No one every told us you could plank on a plane!


Not-for-Sale Plank

planking on a grocery store shelf

Go-Cart Plank

planking on a go cart

We-Don't-Recommend-This Plank

planking on train door

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