25 Most Death Defying Stunts Ever

Since the beginning of time humans have been pushing the limits of their capabilities. Although this can manifest itself in many ways in everything from organized sports to the corporate drawing board, today we are going to dive into a world where pushing your limits quite often lands you in life or death situations. Although we have probably all seen stunt men in action while watching our favorite Hollywood movies, few of us are aware of just how dangerous and hard their jobs are. So, in honor of their willingness to risk life and limb in obscurity we bring you the 25 most death defying stunts ever.

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Jumping the Jet

Doug Dancer jumping an airplane

Reaching a speed of 73 mph before launching off of a 120 ft ramp stuntman Doug Dancer successfully cleared the 160ft wingspan of this passenger jet.


Going for a Spin

Rick Meisel escaping a washing machine

Getting out of six pairs of handcuffs and two leg irons escape artist Rick Meisel took a few tumbles and nearly drowned before escaping this spinning washing machine.


Bus on Fire

Steve Hudis jumping motorcycles in a bus

Breaking a world record, stuntman Steve Hudis jumped 15 motorcycles and flew through a giant fireball in this school bus before landing again.


The Ultimate Road Rash

Reno Jaton being dragged behind a car

In spite of some minor injuries, Reno Jaton successfully set a world record when he was dragged behind a jet car along the pavement for a quarter mile at 236mph.


60 to 0

Dennis Pinto driving a bike into a van

Setting himself on fire, motorcycle stuntman Dennis Pinto drove full speed into the side of a van landing still smoldering in a pile of cardboard boxes on the other side.

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