25 Things You Can Do To Make Your Home Safer

Posted by , Updated on March 22, 2014

Whether you are going to be away for just a few hours or a couple of days, making sure that your home is safe from thieves is always a must. Majority of break-ins happen when families go on vacations and forget to take all necessary measures to keep their homes safe from burglars who only wait for the right opportunity to rob them. Don’t give thieves the pleasure of making your life miserable and follow these 25 Things You Can Do To Make Your Home Safer.


Make sure you have locked all your doors and windows before you leave.


Before you head out, double check to make sure you have locked all the entrances of your home, including doors and windows.


Don’t hang your keys near the door or windows of your home.


Never put your home or car keys in locations where they can be easily reached or grabbed by someone from the outside.


Inform your local police that you will be out of your home for a while.


Some villages have local police officers go around residential houses from time to time for security purposes. If you are going out of town, you can alert your local police so they can look after your home while you are away.


Never leave a portable GPS inside your car.


Never leave a portable GPS inside the car when you go to places like the mall, airport, etc. If your car gets broken into, the thief can steal your GPS, find out where you live, and have the assurance that you are not home.


Disconnect your garage door.


Another way of keeping your home safe is by disconnecting your garage door. This will give you the assurance that no other universal opener will work on it.


Consider hiring a house sitter.


Having a house sitter when you are not around will let you have someone to look after the safety of your home while you are away. By having a house sitter, you can also leave your pets at home.


Make sure that all your exterior doors have deadbolt locks.


Providing deadbolt locks for all the exterior doors of your home will allow you to securely lock them when you go out of town.


Provide auxiliary locks for your sliding doors.


Every sliding door and window in your home should have their own auxiliary locks to ensure that thieves wont be able to break in by lifting the doors and windows off their sliders.


Make sure that every outdoor entrance of your home has sufficient lighting.


Thieves normally make their way to houses through dark openings. Therefore, make sure that every opening leading to the inside of your home has sufficient lighting.


Change the locks of your new home.


If you have just moved in to your new home, make sure that you replace all the locks. This will help you ensure that nobody else out there has duplicate keys of your doors and may have access to your home when you are away.


Do not hide a key outside your home.


Some people have the habit of hiding keys to their homes or cars somewhere outside their homes. This can be a very dangerous habit especially when someone drives by and observes you retrieving the keys from the hiding spot.


Hang curtains in your windows for privacy purposes.


Not only do curtains beautify your home but they also give you privacy, especially at night. When your windows are bare, it makes it easier for people to peek into your home. It also makes it easier for thieves to determine if your home is occupied or not.


Have a peephole on your front door.


A peephole will give you the ability to see who’s outside without opening the door. This is crucial to your safety since potential robbers can force themselves into your home when you open the door.


Never entertain unauthorized visitors.


When someone you do not personally know knocks at your door, do not open the door. One of the most common tactics thieves are employing is to pretend they are selling you a service only to get you to open the door.


Have an automatic timer for your lights.


This is to make sure that even when you are out of your home, people from outside will think that somebody is inside. There is a notion that when a house is lit, it is occupied.


Install a home alarm system


Alarm systems are a huge deterrent to burglars. In fact, according to the Electronic Security Association’s “Home Safety Fast Facts” report, 9 out of 10 burglars avoid homes with alarm systems. Moreover, burglars claimed that if they did encounter an alarm, they would not attack the home.


Keep a safe inside your home.


Valuable things such as jewelries and cash should always be kept out of sight. It is ideal to have a safe inside your home where you can hide all your valuables.


Install sensor lighting outside your home.


Sensor lighting does not only keep your home lit up at night but also helps you identify if there is someone outside. Installing these lights near the doors and windows of your home will make it easier for you to be aware of the presence of thieves.


Prune back the landscaping around your home.


Pruning back the bushes surrounding your home will leave thieves with no place to hide if ever they plan to rob your home. If there are several bushes around your home especially near the windows, it will be easier for them to hide during their operations.


Do not leave packaging of large appliances on the curb.


By leaving packages of large, expensive electronics on the curb, you let thieves know what’s inside your home, increasing your chances to be victimized.


Buy a dog or pretend to have a dog.


Most thieves are afraid of dogs. If thieves see that there are dogs guarding your home, they will think twice before breaking into your home. If you do not have a dog, pretend that you do by putting a “Beware of Dogs” sign in front of your gate or home.


Do not leave your trash cans outside your door.


A trash can on the curb while all the other trash cans in the neighborhood are put away is one of the many signs that tells a thief you are not home.


Put a hold on your mail service while you are away.


Your extended trip gives thieves the perfect opportunity to steal your mail. Moreover, a full mailbox is a dead give away that no one is home.


Ask a trusted neighbor to look after your home.


If you are planning an extended trip, let your trusted neighbor know that you are gone. That way, they can keep an eye on your house.


Do not announce your vacation plans on social media.


If you are planning to go on an extended trip, don’t announce it on social media. If you do, you are letting potential thieves known that you are not home and that they can rob your house.

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