25 Heart-warming Before And After Photos Of Adopted Dogs

Posted by , Updated on November 17, 2022

Have you ever adopted or thought of adopting a dog? It is probably one of the most rewarding experiences in life. Especially if the adopted dog comes from an abusive or near-death situation. The poor little tykes are shut away in shelters all the while looking for their “forever home”. And when that special someone walks into their lives, true magic happens. It’s remarkable to see the transformation food, love, and shelter can have on a dog as you will soon see in these 25 heart-warming before and after photos of adopted dogs.



SpokeySource and Image: mentalfloss.com

Spokey, a Labrador hound mix, was found in rural West Virginia. Despite having been taken just one day after her adoption, the second picture shows it made a big difference in her life.


Little Betty

Little BettySource and image: onepicturesaves.com

Little Betty´s original heartless owners left her behind. However, her current look suggests she has found her forever home.



PillowSource and image: reddit.com

While at the animal shelter, Pillow was often taken out by families but nobody wanted to adopt him. Until one day, Reddit user Gniwa convinced his parents to adopt the poor dog. Pillow is now a very happy puppy.



KenziSource and image: earthporm.com

Rescuers found Kenzi badly injured, neglected and abused. But with love, nutrition, and a whole lot of nurturing; Kenzi regained her health at the Cocker Spaniel Rescue of Austin & San Antonio.



Dexter Source and image: thedodo.com

Weighing just 19 pounds (8.6 kg) when adopted, Dexter was very timid and shy. Now at 65 pounds (30 kg), he is a confident and playful dog.



JacksonSource and image: dailymail.co.uk

A cute mix of Basset, English Setter, and Collie; Jackson is enjoying his new home and bed.



Walker Source and image: mentalfloss.com

Once adopted, Walker went from a sad puppy with health problems to a bright spot of puppy cuteness.



WoodySource and image: boredpanda.com

After his original owner died, Woody was left to fend for himself. Blind in one of his eyes, the poor little dog feared all humans. But thanks to his rescuers´ love and care, he turned into a sweet lovable puppy once again.



VitaSource and image: www.smatterist.com

Starving, neglected and exhausted, Vita was rescued from a junkyard in Los Angeles. Thanks to months of proper feeding, care and love from her new owners, Vita transformed into a beautiful, healthy German Shepard lady.



Coconut Source and image: thedodo.com

Badly neglected and bone-thin, Coconut might have not survived long. But thanks to the loving care of his new family, in three months, coconut made a remarkable recovery and looks so much happier.



AnnabelleSource and image: imgur.com

When Annabelle was rescued by Kentucky Blue Grass Boxer Rescue, her condition was so bad she hardly resembled a boxer. Now, she is a beautiful dog lady.



LilySource and image: onegreenplanet.org

Lily used to live a sad life in a confined kennel in a North Carolina´s dog shelter. These days, she is a loyal member of a loving family in Virginia.



ShrekSource and image: boredpanda.com

When Shrek was found, he suffered from serious health problems and his fur was so matted and heavy he could barely walk. Now, Shrek is a handsome happy dog.



MaxSource and image: www.unknownmale.com

Suffering from a broken leg, numerous skin infections and worms, Max was literally struggling for his life when he was adopted. It is incredible how much better he got in just five months thanks to the care of his new loving family.



Lilly-BelleSource and image: coolestgalleries.com

Hungry and severely neglected, Lilly-Belle was left behind by a ruthless hunter in the woods of Florida. If she hadn’t been found by her rescuers, she would have probably died.



HeathSource and image: simplethingcalledlife.com

When Heath was brought to his new home in March 2013, he was suffering from what is normally considered a terminal disease. But Heath is a fighter and pulled through. Today, he is a happy puppy in a happy home.



CharlieSource and image: thedodo.com

Originally, Charlie was kept at a pound where he refused to respond or eat. Now? Look at the second picture, he is smiling!



LucySource and image: mentalfloss.com

In need of expensive treatments, Lucy had slim chances of getting adopted. However, this little girl not only got the medical attention she needed, but now belongs to a happy home.



EllenSource and image: earthporm.com

With more than 2 pounds (1 kg) of dirty matted fur and suffering from multiple injuries, poor little Ellen could barely move. Now look at her. Isn’t she adorable!



CedarSource and image: boredpanda.com

Hairless from stress and bone-thin from malnutrition, poor Cedar looked miserable when he was adopted. Now, it’s hard to believe these two pictures show the same dog.



GriffinSource and image: reddit.com

Griffin managed to dodge death thanks to the gentle heart of his new owner. He was adopted a few days before his scheduled euthanasia and the rest is a glorious and happy history.



Iggy Source and image: spartadog.com

Suffering from a terrible eye infection due to which he even lost his eye, Iggy was found half-dead in Mexico. Luckily for Iggy, his photos appeared on Facebook where people were touched by his sad story and donated money to treat him and help him find a new home.



MileySource and image: smatterist.com

Another poor dog that came close to dying, Miley used to live in a pile of garbage. Cared for by a new loving family, Miley blossomed into a gorgeous puppy.



Treasure Source and image: earthporm.com

Found in horrible conditions, Treasure was not even able to walk. Fortunately, a passing motorist saw her and brought her to the Natchez-Adams County Humane Society, Mississippi where she got all the attention needed to become a happy and healthy dog.



OliviaSource and image: www.theonlinecentral.com

When Olivia was taken from a shelter, she was malnourished and timid. One year later, she’s now adorable and confident.

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