25 Harry Potter Fan Theories That Will Make You Think

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Back before Pottermore, before Fantastic Beasts, and a Cursed Child, there were Seven Books. Seven amazing books about a boy wizard that left us with sometimes more mysteries than the boy and his friends managed to solve. Even now that the books have all been read and the universe is being expanded beyond The Boy Who Lived, there are some questions that we’ll never have the answers to. To explore some of those questions and the sometimes clever, sometimes out there, explanations fans have come up with, here are 25 Harry Potter Fan Theories That Will Make You Think.

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House Requests

sorting-hatSource: http://pottermoreanalysis.tumblr.com/

Harry, Hermione, and Ron are only in Gryffindor because they asked. We know the hat wanted to put Harry in Slytherin, but Harry was BRAVE enough to ask to not be put in Slytherin (or judgmental enough, either way). Hermione was clearly capable of handling Ravenclaw (brightest witch in her year), and Ron could be a Hufflepuff for many reasons, not the least of which being that he’s obsessed with food and Hufflepuff House common room is next to the kitchens.


Hagrid's Lack of a Patronus

rubeushagridSource: http://www.latimes.com

Hagrid can’t produce a Patronus charm, not because he’s too inept magically, but because he doesn’t have enough happy memories to do so. Producing a full true Patronus takes a lot of magical power – yet Harry was successfully able to teach Dumbledore’s Army to do so during a few secret meetings in book five. JK Rowling has confirmed that Hagrid – who was expelled because Tom Riddle is a jerk – didn’t complete enough magical training to produce one, but what if he couldn’t produce a Patronus because they require a powerful happy memory, and Hargid doesn’t really have any? His mum left, his dad died, he was expelled from Hogwarts, and while he stays on as gamekeeper, he’s the source of many jokes. Harry, also an orphan, had similar issues when learning to cast the charm.


Voldemort, Harry, Snape and the Three Deathly Hallows


Voldemort, Harry, and Snape represent the three brothers that coordinate with the three deathly hallows. One – Voldemort – died for power. One – Snape – died for love. And one – Harry – Greeted death like an old friend, when he willingly died to protect those he loved. *sniff*


Harry's Mortality?


Harry Potter is an immortal now. This kind of goes into the finer points of prophecy interpretation, but the gist of it is that the prophecy of the Chosen One and Voldemort clearly states that “Either must die at the hand of the other.” So if Harry killed Voldemort, and either MUST die at the hand of the other…who’s going to allow Harry to die? Sure, it could mean that one of them had to die at the hand of the other, but it also kind of says that there’s no other way either of them can die. It was pretty heavily explained that Harry HAD to be the one to end Voldemort, so by the same rules…there’s no one to end Harry. The flip side of this, though, is the argument that Harry already died at the hand of Voldemort and came back, so he can just die of old age in 200 years or so.


Harry & Hermione

harry-hermioneSource: http://www.theverge.com/

Harry & Hermione should have ended up together. If it seems awkward that Hermione married Ron and Harry conveniently fell for Ron’s sister, you aren’t the only one. Reading the books, Harry and Hermione seemed a much better and more realistic fit. Furthermore, you could literally replace Ron with a cat that’s good at chess and had basically the same result in the movies. If you think we write blasphemy, well, just remember that Rowling herself admitted that Harry and Hermionie were a better match and that Ron and Hermione had “very little to do with literature” and “far more to do with me clinging to the plot as I first imagined it.”

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