25 First Date Questions You Should Consider Asking

Posted by , Updated on March 6, 2019

It’s tough to come up with 25 first date questions you should consider asking. On the one hand, you don’t want to step on toes and ruin the date, but on the other hand, you need to learn about the person before moving forward.

So, asking first date questions are necessary. Yes, the “getting-to-know-each-other” stage is sometimes the most romantic part of the relationship. It can be filled with butterflies, hand-holding, and lovey-dovey eye gazing. But, come on, you need to know if they were married or been involved in a first-degree burglary. Right? Yeah, we thought so, too. So, to help you out, here are 25 first date questions you should consider asking.


"Did you go to college?"


A lot of people have a successful life without getting a college degree. However, by asking whether they went to college or not could help you figure out what you have in common before the first date.


"Do you like to go out a lot?"

night life

Asking whether a person like to go out a lot helps you determine if they are more of a home body or a social butterfly. It can also help you decide on where to go for your first date.


"What qualities are you looking for in a partner?"


Whether they are looking for compassion, honestly, loyalty or empathy, knowing what qualities they want in a person is very telling. It also lets you know which attributes matters the most to them.


"Do you have a car?"


Unless you live in a city where public transportation is easy to access, having a car is a big deal. Having to worry if you will be able to see each other or not due to transportation issues can be a pain.


"What is your religion?"


Finding out what religion they practice could help you understand their values and beliefs. It’s important to always be respectful when discussing a person’s faith.


"Which political party do you agree with the most?"

political partyhttps://www.nytimes.com/2018/02/14/reader-center/love-in-the-time-of-partisanship.html

Finding out where they stand politically, whether it be Republican, Democratic or part of the Green Party, is important. It can help you understand their opinions on certain government issues.


"Do you smoke/vape?"


Smoking cigarettes or vaping can be an annoyance to a new partner. Before you even start the relationship it’s a good idea to let them know about any guilty pleasures.


"Do you live on your own?"

parents house

We get it, some people go back to living with their parents after college to save money. However, living with your parents when you’re in your 30’s isn’t the best look.


"How long have you been single?"


Asking how long they have been single for is a good way to find out if your a rebound or not. Also, having time to mentally and emotionally recover from a breakup is healthy.


"Do you have any debt?"


Once you’re married, their debt could become your debt. It’s good to know before you start a relationship what kind of spending habits your partner has. Keep in mind, student loan debt is different than maxing out multiple credit cards.


"What was your childhood like?"


Their childhood can be a big indicator to how they will react to certain situations. It can also can tell you a lot about how they live their adult lives.


"How much money do you make?"


It’s tricky to talk about finances right off the bat. We get that. But, if you’re not messing around, you might want to get it out of the way so it’s not a problem later on. According to The Telegraph just 57% of married people know exactly what their partner earns. If money is important to you, than this would be a good predate question to ask.


"Are you currently involved with anyone else?"

open relationship

Open relationships are becoming more common. So asking if you are the only person they are seeing is a fair question. It’s a good idea to make sure everyone is on common grounds.


"Have you recently been checked for STDs?"

safe sexhttps://www.verywellhealth.com/protect-yourself-3133079

Safe sex is healthy sex. Asking if the person has been recently checked for STDs keeps everyone safe. It’s important to know this information before you partake in intercourse.


"Have you ever been to jail?"


While a quick Google name search might answer that question for you, asking if someone has gone to jail might seem a bit intrusive. Then again, finding out the person you have been dating has a serious criminal record 11 months into the relationship could be unsettling.


"Where do you see yourself in 5 years?"


If your goals don’t line up perfectly with theirs, it’s not the end of the world. However, it is important to make sure you find someone that has similar life goals as you do.


"How many sexual partners have you had?"


While some people may not be truthful about their body count, getting an idea of how many people the person has been with can be very telling.


"Where do you want this relationship to go?"


Are you just looking for a summer fling? Are you looking for your soulmate? People are always wandering what the other persons true intentions are. Asking where the other person sees the relationship before the first date could save a lot of heart ache in the future.


"Do you have kids?"


Some people just aren’t ready for parenthood just yet. So, naturally, this is a regular question to ask before a first date.


"Have you ever been married?"


Whether the marriage was trying to get their third cousin twice removed a green card or it was to their high school sweetheart, knowing if someone has been previously married is kind of a big deal. It helps you navigate their past and understand where they might want to steer their relationship in the future.

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