25 Things Fast Food Restaurants Don’t Want You To Know

Although this probably won’t keep you from eating your favorite fast “food”, they say knowledge is power. So at least you can eat it powerfully. These are 25 things fast food restaurants don’t want you to know.

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Those grill marks on your burger aren't real. They were put there by the factory.

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If you want to make sure your french fries are fresh order them without salt. It will force us to cook a new batch. Then you can add your own salt.

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Our chili is just made out of meat from old burgers.

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Those salads you're ordering have nearly just as many calories as one Big Mac

fast food facts

One way to measure the cleanliness of a fast food restaurant is to look up into the ice chute of the drink dispenser. You'll be surprised how often you can find mold up there.

fast food facts

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