25 Fast Food Menu Items That Failed Miserably

Fast-food restaurant chains are constantly trying new things and are in a constant competition over which has the best and most unique menus items in the hopes of luring new customers. However, in this nonstop race to come up with the next buzzworthy food item mistakes are bound to happen. From McDonald’s Hula Burger to Pizza Hut’s Priazzo these are 25 Fast Food Menu Items That Failed Miserably.


Wendy’s Breakfast

Wendys_BreakfastImage: burgerbusiness.com

In 2013 Wendy’s announced it would stop serving breakfast at most locations after a yearlong experiment. The fast-food chain’s effort was a gigantic flop because, according to them, they underestimated the habits of the average breakfast eater.


Wendy’s SuperBar

wendys superbarImage: rediscoverthe80s.com

You might be too young to remember this, but there was a time when, in addition to its Frostys and the best fast-food fries (before they changed the recipe), Wendy’s dabbled in being a country-style buffet, with a buffet bar called the SuperBar. It was predominately a salad bar with your standard salad fixings, and despite becoming quite popular the chain discontinued it without ever giving customers a satisfactory reason for doing so.


Wendy’s Frescata Sandwiches

Wendy's Frescata SandwichesImage: en.wikipedia.org

The sandwiches, introduced in 2006, were pulled off the menu a year later since they were a big commercial failure. The sandwiches took more than eighteen months to develop before being rolled out, and two-dozen kinds were tested by consumers, but apparently that wasn’t enough to help these sandwiches stay on the board.



The McDLTImage: kidofthe80s.com

The McDLT was an ambitious menu item that was introduced in the 1980s but in the end failed for all the wrong reasons. The burger came in a Styrofoam container that kept the lettuce and tomato separate so the veggies stayed cool. This item was really popular with customers but was eliminated because of environmental concerns concerning the packaging.


Taco Bell’s Seafood Salad

Taco Bell’s Seafood SaladImage: grubgrade.com

Seafood started becoming really big back in the eighties and Taco Bell tried to make it work for them. However, after a respectable number of reported incidents of food poisoning, Taco Bell pulled this disastrous item from their menu.

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