25 Fast Facts About Diabetes You Might Not Know

Do you know anybody who has diabetes? These days, it would be hard not to. In the developed world, it’s affecting more and more people every day. Our stressful, consumption oriented society opens us up to diseases that we never struggled with before. Although there isn’t any cure for it (yet), there are certain things we can do to decrease our chance of getting it, or even to prevent it from getting worse. These are 25 Fast Facts About Diabetes You Might Not Know.


The signs and symptoms of diabetes will manifest differently depending on what type of diabetes you have.

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Type 1 diabetes is typically genetic. It happens when your immune system attacks your pancreas, and you are no longer able to create sufficient insulin. This means you can't break down the glucose (sugar) in your blood, and your body can't use any of it.

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Type 1 diabetes is rare. Although it usually starts below the age of 20, it can happen at any age.

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One common symptom of type 1 diabetes is dehydration. High blood sugar causes you to pee more in order to try getting rid of the excess sugar.

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Weight loss is another sign of type 1 diabetes. Since you are losing glucose through your urine rather using it in your body's cells, you tend to lose weight.

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