25 Extremely Dangerously Disapproved Activities

Posted by , Updated on March 21, 2024

From yak skiing to crocodile bungee jumping these are 25 extremely dangerous activities your mom would not approve of.



Shark cage diving in South Africa

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With nothing but a steel cage between you and the sharks this activity is actually much safer than it sounds. Try telling your mom that though…


Biking across the Sahara

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If you’re going to go for a bike ride you might as well do it like a man…a very sunburned and thirsty man.


Climbing a frozen waterfall in Canada

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Climbing is dangerous enough when the surface is dry and predictable.


Bull Riding in Mexico

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Getting kicked by a bull is no joke. Make sure you have your will in order beforehand.


Bull Running in Spain

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You thought riding on top of a bull was dangerous? Try outrunning one. No wait…make that one hundred.


Heli Skiing in Alaska

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Well, at least you’re not being chased by large, engraged animals with extremely sharp horns.


Sky Diving in the Himalayas

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Landing on the world’s highest drop zone definitely gives you bragging rights.


Skiing off a cliff in the French Alps

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You take a helicopter up, ski down the first part, jump off a cliff, and parachute the rest of the way. Yes, people really do this.


Wing walking in the UK

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For almost as long as there have been airplanes there have been people walking on their wings. At least these days you’ll probably get strapped in.


Volcano boarding in Nicaragua

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It’s basically like snowboarding except you’re on a live volcano that can explode at any minute and make you wish you listened to your momma.


Waterfall kayaking in Hawaii

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Depending on how the waterfall is the kayak may or may not make much of a difference.


Limbo Skating in India

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Apparently doing a split and skating under moving cars is all the rage in India these days.


Cliff diving in Brazil

dangerous activities

In 1770 the king of present day Hawaii demanded that his men all jump from the highest cliff he could find and hit the water without making a splash to prove their loyalty. Just make sure there’s actually some water before you jump.


Crocodile bungee jumping in Australia

dangerous activities

If you think regular bungee jumping is for boring wannabes then how about bungee jumping over a lake full of hungry crocodiles.


Slacklining in Norway

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It’s basically the modern equivalent of tight rope walking.


Zorbing in New Zealand

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All the rage in some hilly parts of the world, this new sport involves rolling down a slope in a huge ball.


Airkicking in Germany

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This human catapult will launch you like a cannonball. Where you land is up to you.


Zero gravity in Las Vegas

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If you have a spare $5000 lying around then Zero Gravity Corporation can take you up on one of their skydiving airplanes that will simulate weightlessness.


Yak skiing in India

dangerous activities

You’re at the bottom of the hill, the yak is at the top, and a long rope connects the two of you with a pulley system at the peak. As soon as you get buckled in with your skis you get handed some yak food and…off you go!


Whitewater rafting between North and South Korea

dangerous activities

The Hantangang River divides the two nations and yes, people actually raft down it.


Bungee jump in Macau

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Macau tower is the highest bungee jumping location in the world. You’ll reach speeds of over 200 mph.


Cross the world's most dangerous bridge in Pakistan

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The Hussaini-Borit Lake bridge in northern Pakistan is made from rotting wooden planks that look like they are about to come apart at any minute.


Cliff clinging in China

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There is little more than a few planks of wood keeping you from certain death on Chang Kong Cliff Road in China.


BASE jumping in Malaysia

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Without a doubt BASE jumping is the most dangerous activity you can ever hope to find yourself doing.


Train surfing in South Africa

dangerous activities

Before you go and get yourself arrested know that List25 does not condone illegal activity. In recent years this is one such activity that has seen quite a resurgence via youtube videos. Definitely not mom approved.