25 Extremely Bizarre Laws We Can’t Believe Are Real

Posted by , Updated on January 2, 2024

Ready to see a few truly bizarre laws that will make you question the cornerstones for a just society? While most laws protect the individual and society’s interests, every now and then explainable, illogical, and frankly, the dumbest laws in the world slip in. You’d wish these weird laws wouldn’t be passed but somehow, beyond reason, they do. Fortunately for everyone, it’s unlikely they’re ever enforced. From laws concerning what food you may eat to laws defining the clothes a murderer may or may not wear, prepare to be baffled by 25 Extremely Bizarre Laws We Can’t Believe Are Real.



It's Illegal to Wear a Bulletproof Vest While Committing a Murder In New Jersey

bulletproof vest

Isn’t murder already illegal? Well, apparently, murder with a bulletproof vest is even more illegal. Only a really, really bad guy would do something like that.


Bingo Games Can’t Last More Than Five Hours In North Carolina


Four and a half hours of bingo? You’re fine. 5 hours? You better lawyer up.


Beer and Pretzels Cannot Be Served at the Same Time in Any Bar or Restaurant In North Dakota


We’re not exactly sure why this law made sense to anybody ever, but maybe North Dakota pretzels are just too good to be spoiled by intoxication.


You May Not Take a Picture of a Rabbit during the Month of June In Wyoming


There are only 11 months available for rabbit picture taking in this state. During the twelfth month, you better give the poor rabbits a break.


It Is Illegal For A Man to Give His Sweetheart A Box of Candy Weighing More Than 50 lbs In Idaho


But seriously…who even does that? 50 pounds? Of candy? That deserves to be illegal.


It is Illegal to Have Christmas Decorations Up After January 14 In Maine

christmas deco

Apparently, in some places, Christmas can come early, but it had better not stay late, at least not later than mid January.


It is Illegal to Walk across a Street on Your Hands In Connecticut

hand walking

Well, it’s understandably dangerous, but come on, if someone is cool enough to walk across the street on their hands, why would you punish them?


It is illegal to die in London’s Houses of Parliament


That’s right, could you please refrain from dying until you have exited the building? This will at least prevent your family from being subject to litigation.


Flushing the Toilet after 10 PM Where the Person Lives In an Apartment Is Illegal In Sweden


Our guess is that there are a lot of law breakers in this country…


Women Must Obtain Written Permission from Their Husbands to Wear False Teeth In Vermont


Imagine going your whole life thinking that your wife is taking perfect care of her teeth only to find out that…they’re fake! It’s a horrifying thought, at least horrifying enough to make them sign permission slips.


You Must Be 18 Years of Age to Play a Pinball Machine in South Carolina


Springs, balls flying around like crazy, bright lights and loud noises, you need to be a responsible adult to handle this craziness; at least that’s what South Carolina would say.


Putting Salt on a Railroad Track May Be Punishable By Death In Alabama


Salt plus railroad tracks plus Alabama equals death. Got it.


Donkeys Cannot Sleep in Bathtubs in Arizona


Yea, it’s weird, but illegal? Come on, give the donkeys a break already.


In Blythe, California, You Must Own Two Cows before You Can Wear Cowboy Boots.

cowboy bootshttps://herbertbailbonds.com/top-10-strangest-laws-california/

This city strives for authenticity maybe a little too hard!


Waking a Sleeping Bear for a Photo Opportunity Is Strictly Forbidden In Alaska


Forget “strictly forbidden,” how about “strictly-that’s-the-dumbest-idea-anybody-could-ever-come-up-with.” Needless to say, nobody has ever been prosecuted for breaking this law.


You Can Be Stopped By the Police for Biking Over 65 Miles Per Hour In Connecticut


If someone is going over 65 mph on a bike, well, that is pretty fast…what the heck, pull them over.


It Is Illegal To Serve Butter Substitutes in Wisconsin State Prisons


Wisconsin, the land of milk, cows, and real butter…even in their jails.


Fishing While Sitting on a Giraffe’s Neck is Forbidden in Illinois


While it’s hard to imagine a situation that would require you to sit on a giraffe’s neck with a fishing pole, if you do ever find yourself  in this position, just make sure you are not in Illinois.


It Is Illegal to Rob a Bank and Then Shoot at the Bank Teller with a Water Pistol in Louisiana

squirt guns

Forget real bullets, Super Soakers are just as bad. Who wants to go into work and get drenched by masked robbers? Way to go, Louisiana.


Next-Door Neighbors May Not Lend Each Other Vacuum Cleaners in Colorado


You can share whatever you want with your neighbors, just make sure it’s not a vacuum cleaner. In this case, the legal thing to do is ask the people across the street.


No One May Cross Minnesota State Lines with a Duck on Top of Their Head


It’s understandable really. Why would any state want its citizens leaving its borders with ducks on top of their heads? It just makes everybody look bad.


It Is Illegal For a Man to Buy Drinks for More Than Three People at a Time in Las Vegas


Does anybody follow rules in Las Vegas? Wait…are there even rules in Las Vegas? Apparently, there’s at least one.


Donut Holes May Not Be Sold in Parts of Nebraska

donut holeshttp://www.dailynebraskan.com/culture/weird-laws-call-nebraska-home/article_8989d96d-2a87-5144-bd52-40262134e462.html

Nebraska…you have our sincerest apologies from the bottom of our sorrow filled hearts. May your laws one day change and allow the sun to shine into your lives.


It Is Illegal to Sleep on Top of a Refrigerator Outdoors in Pennsylvania


You know those times when you’re just looking for a place to spend the night and all of sudden you see a refrigerator hanging out by itself, and you think “Man that looks comfortable to sleep on!”? Yea, neither do we. Pennsylvania…you’re strange.


Whistling Underwater Is Illegal in Vermont


If someone can whistle underwater, they can probably do some other pretty crazy stuff, too, like run through walls, fly around super fast, and just generally be awesome at breaking the laws of physics. Word of caution to law enforcement in Vermont…let them whistle underwater.

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