25 Easiest Languages You Could Be Learning Today

Posted by , Updated on November 8, 2017


Let’s be honest, learning a language is no small or simple task. However, some are easier to master than others. So what are the easiest languages to learn? For this list, we’ve based “easy” on availability of quality resources, similarity to your native language (for the purposes of this list we will assume you only speak English), and the script the language uses. So if you’re wondering which language to tackle next, check out the these 25 easiest languages you could be learning today.



RussianSource: duolingo.com

Due to sheer size and geopolitical dominance, Russian has plenty of learning resources available. One downside people note is that it uses the Cyrillic script. However, the Cyrillic alphabet is surprisingly easy to learn. It’s also very phonetic. You could learn the alphabet and roughly “read” anything; you’ll just need more work to understand what it is that you’re reading.



GermanSource: babbel.com

Remember how we were saying that German is more linguistically diverse than Hindustani? Well, it’s actually more linguistically diverse than almost any other language. In fact, if any language should be split up…it would be German. It would be borderline impossible for a north German to understand Walser German (from south Switzerland). Although they both fall under the same linguistic umbrella, they are effectively different languages. Having said that, as with Arabic, you should learn Hochdeutsch (high German). The only languages with more resources available are French and Spanish.



RomanianSource: duolingo.com

So now we’ve reached our first Romance language. You may be thinking, if English is a Germanic language, shouldn’t it be more closely related to German than Romanian? The answer is yes. It is more closely related to German. The thing is though, English is one of the simpler Germanic languages, while German is one of the harder ones (as you now know) so many of the Romance languages are actually easier to learn due to their simpler structure and grammar.



PortugueseSource: duolingo.com

Another Romance language! Portuguese ranks higher than Romanian for the simple fact that it has more pull on the world stage, and therefore, more resources are available to learn it.



ItalianSource: duolingo.com

There shouldn’t be much of a surprise here. Italian is a popular language among students, so resources abound. It also has straightforward pronunciation which most people are familiar with due to Italy’s strong cultural influence.

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