25 Curious Facts About Doctor Who

Doctor Who has been a British sci-fi TV series produced by the BBC since 1963 that has managed to become part of the pop culture of various countries across the globe. It appeals to a wide range of people, including those from different age groups, races, nationalities, and socioeconomic classes. It is also one of the longest-running TV shows in history. What has made Doctor Who such a huge success—despite periods of disastrous TV ratings—remains a mystery.

According to Paddy O’Donnell, professor of psychology at the University of Glasgow, the reason science fiction in general works is that it explores psychological and societal themes but in a fantasy world where you can explore them in ways that are more difficult to do in real life. Doctor Who is no exception to this rule. Each episode is written in a different genre (from horror to historical parody, Victorian ghost stories to ancient Greek wars), which gives the show diversity and an authority to invent that other shows just don’t have. But before we say more, get inside our TARDIS (the time machine with which the doctor travels throughout history) and let’s learn 25 Facts About Doctor Who and what makes the show so awesome!

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When Sydney Newman, the Head of Drama at the BBC, first created the series, its objective was to engage the entire family on Saturday nights after football (soccer). The show’s aim was to educate children about science and history, using time travel and historical figures like Alexander the Great and Marco Polo.

historical statueSource: bbc.co.uk, Image: Wikipedia

The Doctor actually is a doctor, though it’s not entirely clear what type. However, in a sick bay in the 1967 story “The Moonbase,” the Doctor was asked, “Listen, are you really a medical doctor?” and he replied, “Yes, I think I was once, Polly. I think I took a degree once in Glasgow. Eighteen eighty-eight I think. Lister.”

doctorSource: bbc.co.uk, Image: Pixabay

The Doctor has visited many different planets, but his home planet is called Gallifrey.

gallifreySource: bbc.co.uk, Image: Vic Mornington via Flickr

The character of the Doctor was partly inspired by Sherlock Holmes. Comparisons have been made between the Doctor and the famous literary detective. In fact, both the fourth and eleventh Doctors have dressed as Holmes in episodes of the series.

Sherlock HolmesSource: bbc.co.uk, Image: Wikipedia

The Doctor has been married three times; he was married to Queen Elizabeth I, Marilyn Monroe, and River Song.

River Song.Source: bbc.co.uk, Image: Fiona James via Flickr

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