25 Creative Examples Of Bagvertising

You might have seen advertisements, but you have yet to see these creative examples of bagvertising! Whether it’s on a billboard or just on the street, advertising these days can be found literally everywhere, and as brands compete for attention, they are really pushing the limits of their creativity to the max. But there is no better advertisement than one you can carry around with you all the time – like on your bag, backpack, or purse. You will be blown away by some of these amazing bagvertisements that redefine advertising. So, next time you go shopping, see if you can’t find any of the 25 Creative Examples of Bagvertising!


ASPE Crime Stories

bag that looks like holding a gun

Fitness Company

bag that looks like holding a hand weight

Stop ‘n Grow Nail Biter shopping bag

bag that looks like nail biter

Volkswagen Golf GTI

bag that looks like car door


bag with handle that looks like jumprope

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