25 Crazy Things You Will Only Find In Japan

Posted by , Updated on November 9, 2018

In the modern age, Japan has done a good job of being technologically one step ahead the rest of the world. Their unfavorable geographical and natural conditions have made them an extremely inventive and efficient nation. But sometimes, their creativeness and technological advancement goes a bit too far, shocking the rest of the world. From capsule hotels to octopus flavored ice cream, it’s safe to say the Japanese have their own unique style. If you plan to visit this amazing Asian country, check out these 25 Crazy Things You Will Only Find In Japan.


Bizarre Parking Lots

car park

As a relatively confined country, Japan is home to over 126 million people. Consequently, space-saving is one of the major issues the locals have to deal with and parking is no exception. If you drive to a shopping mall, you’ll probably come across a parking lot similar to this picture.




As far as ingredients go, Japanese mayonnaise is not that different from what we use in the U.S. or Europe, but it’s the prolific use of it that makes the Japanese mayonnaise strange to Western people. While Americans typically use it on sandwiches and hamburgers, the Japanese use their traditional Kewpie mayonnaise to flavor things like ice cream, potato chips, spaghetti sauce, noodles, and even pancakes.


Super Umbrella


When rain is coupled with strong winds, regular umbrellas are basically useless. The Japanese handled this uncomfortable situation with their typical grace.


Lift Girls


In Western countries, lift operators are almost extinct. Department stores and hotels don’t use their services any more to save the expenses, but in Japan, this awesome service is still available.


Microwavable Pug

microwaveable pugSource: https://www.amazon.com/Warmies-CP-PUG-1-Cozy-Plush-Microwaveable/dp/B01HQBLZT0

The super umbrella may protect you from the rain, but what are you going to do when it gets cold? Forget blankets, Japan has this adorable pug to heat you up. Stick in the microwave and Voila! Out comes a toasty hot dog.

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