25 Crazy Things You Didn’t Know About Washington DC

Did you know that Washington DC is not a city? Or even a state? And did you know that the state capitol building has its own metro system? These are 25 crazy things you didn’t know about Washington DC.

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In 1983 the District of Columbia petitioned to become a state that would be called New Columbia

Washington DCSource: history.com, Image: wikipedia

Why? One reason is that citizens of the district do not have a voting representative in the national legislature

US CapitolSource: history.com, Image: wikipedia

License plates are emblazoned with the age old phrase "taxation without representation" that the colonies used during the Revolutionary War

taxation without representationSource: history.com, Image: wikipedia

More wine is consumed per person in DC than anywhere else in the US

wineSource: blog.sidetour.com, Image: wikipedia

The Arlington Ladies is a group of women who attend the funeral of every soldier in the national cemetery so that no soldier is ever buried alone

Arlington CemeterySource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

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