25 Crazy Ice Cream Flavors You May Want To Try

Ice cream. It would be hard to find someone who does not like this refreshing sweet popular desert. Now, how many flavors does your favorite ice cream parlor offer? Twenty? Thirty? Well, in fact there are hundreds of ice cream flavors out there. We all know traditional ones like vanilla, chocolate or strawberry flavor but what about crazy ice cream flavors like garlic or octopus ice cream? What, you haven’t heard of these? Well, in that case you should check out these 25 crazy ice cream flavors. Some of them sound quite delicious.

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Mushroom ice cream

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This ice cream is usually made of candy cap mushrooms. Smelling just like maple syrup, the mushrooms are often used to flavor desserts – either crushed up into a powder or steeped to impart their flavor on bases for ice creams, panna cottas, custards etc.


Spinach ice cream

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Ideal solution for frustrated parents whose children do not want to eat their greens. The spinach ice cream will let kids kill two birds with one stone by eating their veggies and favorite sweet at the same time.


Tomato ice cream

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As weird as it may sound, there are many recipes on how to make tomato ice cream. The easiest requires just ripe tomatoes, fresh cream, sugar and orange liquor. Combine fresh cream, sugar and orange liquor and stir the mixture into puree made out of cooked tomatoes. Pour the mixture in a metal bowl, covering with wrap. Keep in freezer and stir 2 or 3 times before freezing completely.


Charcoal ice cream

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Popular in Japan (a world´s leader of the craziest ice cream flavors), this is definitely one of the most bizarre ice cream ever. Hard to guess its taste, it combines the carbon tinge of coal and the cold sensation ice.


Lavender ice cream

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French ice cream flavors often refer to local tastes and aromas, which means a lot of flowers: rose, jasmine, violets, poppies, rosemary, thyme etc. One of the most common flower ice cream flavors in France though, is lavender with its gentle, even delicate taste.

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