25 Coolest Restaurants You Could Ever Hope To Eat At

Posted by , Updated on November 19, 2022

From scuba diving down to your table to having lunch hanging from a crane, these are the 25 coolest restaurants you could ever hope to eat at!



Ninja Castle

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Modeled after an ancient Japanese castle, Ninja New York is part maze, part restaurant, with waiters that dazzle the guests with their insane acrobatics as they enter into the mysterious world of the ninja.


Dinner in a Gondola

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This isn’t the only high altitude eatery on our list but it is the only one that occupies a gondola. At Stuckli Sky Dining you get to enjoy the Swiss Alps from the four person ski lift while feasting on a four course meal.


The Safehouse

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At this spy themed restaurant in Milwaukee you need to know the password to get in.


The Robot Couple

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For years, people in Yiwu, China wondered how the same couple staffed the local diner from 6am to 3am with no breaks. Well, it turns out it was actually two sets of twins that got married to each other.


Fortezza Medicea

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This restaurant near Pisa, Italy doubles as a maximum security prison. The cooks and waiters are all doing life sentences.



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Meaning “invisible bar” in English, patrons at this German diner are led into the darkness by their blind waiters. No phones allowed.


Dinner in the Sky

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Although it is based in Belgium, this airborne dinner party can be taken anywhere in the world. Diners are strapped around a table that is suspended in the air by cranes and served by a small staff that that comes along for the ride.


Modern Toilet

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This popular chain of Taiwanese restaurants gives patrons the pleasure of eating from a toilet bowl all while seated on a toilet bowl.


Dalu Robot Restaurant

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Patrons at the Dalu Robot Restaurant in Jinan, China are no longer being served by flesh and bone but rather by a robotic army of waiters



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This Dutch family restaurant located in Amsterdam is entirely staffed by children (almost). There are a couple of adults who supervise everything.


Sounds of Silence

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This roofless dinner experience gives you a view of the stars from the middle of the Australian Outback.


The Pop-Up Diner

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In Ferrera, Italy you can buy a dinner for two and then, on the scheduled evening, receive a text disclosing the location of the table, which will show up somewhere on the historical streets of the town.


New Lucky Restaurant

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At this restaurant in India you can eat among the graves (in green).


The Human Banquet

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Only in Japan can you eat a fake body.


Kayabukiya Tavern

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At the Kayabukiya tavern in Tokyo you will be served drinks by two Japanese Macaque monkeys named Yat-chan and Fuku-chan. They are both certified employees who receive their wages in the form of soya beans.


Heart Attack Grill

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As you can see, heavier set patrons get a free meal. This controversial diner is made up to look like a hospital with waitresses dressed as nurses. You’ll see why when you order the quadruple bypass burger.



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Run by the North Korean government, this restaurant chain has expanded into China and neighboring countries.


El Diablo

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This restaurant located on an island off the coast of Spain is situated atop an active volcano. In fact, it’s the volcano’s heat that cooks your food.


Conflict Kitchen

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Found in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Conflict Kitchen only serves the local cuisine of nations that are currently at odds with the United States.



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At this restaurant located just north of Manila in the Philippines you can shatter plates against the wall before sitting down to dinner.


Ogori Cafe

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This concept restaurant is based on the “Ogori System”. In Japanese “ogori” means to treat somebody else food. In other words, you order your food…for the next person.


Kalin Tavern

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This 200 year old tavern is situated right on the border of Slovenia and Croatia. In fact, a yellow line marks the border.


Dinner on the Titanic

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This Australian restaurant takes you half way around the world and a century back in time onto the maiden voyage of the doomed RMS Titanic. It even has separate quarters for first and second class



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Situated just a couple meters below the surface of the Indian Ocean in the Maldives, this restaurant provides amazing panoramic views of the surrounding coral reef.


Disaster Cafe

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At the Disaster Cafe in Spain you are guaranteed to feel the full weight of a magnitude 7.8 earthquake at every meal.

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