25 Cool Travel Items You Might Need This Summer

Rumors are floating around that on this summer we could see some of the cheapest flights we’ve seen in seven years! If this turns out to be true, we suspect that most of our readers will be traveling and soon. If you’re thinking about joining the traveling masses, be sure you don’t forget some of these cool items. For example, the need for a sturdy and reliable suitcase should be pretty obvious but how about a phone power bank? If you’ve ever been in the situation where power outlets seem to be none existent, then you can probably see the wisdom in investing in one of these crucial travel items. Then there’s the selfie stick, to some, the most annoying and vain invention in history. But when you’re in a remote area, and for whatever reason there’s no one around to help you catalog your experience, a selfie stick will come in quite handy…so don’t forget to buy one.

So are you getting your bags ready? We hope so, because a memorable experience is only a cheap ticket away. Get ready with these 25 cool travel items you might need this summer.



Travel Wallet

Travel WalletSource and image: amazon.com

Having your valuables in a safe place is crucial. The Lewis N Clark anti-theft hidden wallet is made with RFID blocking technology, to protect against electronic pick-pocketing and identity theft. Built to last with strong Ripstop Nylon and self repairing zippers, it makes for a ultra-light yet secure solution to keep your personal ID, credit cards, passports, money and other valuables safely hidden.




BackpackSource and image: amazon.com

Every traveler´s must-have, a good backpack should be an essential part of you gear. This up to 85 liter hiking backpack by ArcEnCiel is waterproof and it’s made from premium quality military-style scratch-resistant nylon.




SuitcaseSource and image: amazon.com

If you prefer exploring cities rather than mountains and rough terrains, you might go for a good suitcase. This light-weight but extremely durable suitcase by Samsonite will transport your travel essentials effortlessly and stylishly.



Sleeping Bag

Sleeping Bag Source and image: amazon.com

Another travel classic, a reliable sleeping bag is also great for camping. Designed for cold weather (up to -10 C or 14 F), this hooded sleeping bag by Aircee is portable, foldable, flexible and very easy to pack and unpack.



Video Camera

Video CameraSource and image: amazon.com

There are few better video cameras on the market for travelers than the GoPro Hero4. Waterproof to 131 ft (40 meter), the camera combines versatility and high-performance capture with the convenience of a touch display.


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