25 Completely Unfair But Still Enforced School Rules

In almost every form of society, there are rules implemented in order to protect the community. Similar to how governments create laws, different organizations create rules that their members must follow.

For the most part, having certain rules and laws does keep people from acting out in a negative manner; however, there are quite a few regulations that just don’t make sense, especially in schools. 

The years of elementary and high school are some of the most important times in a child’s life. It’s during this period where adolescents start to truly become themselves.

Every person is unique, which makes enforcing some of these school rules completely unfair. What may be no big deal to one student could be the end of the world for another. (And let’s face it, sometimes rules are just made to be broken.) 


School Uniforms


More and more public schools across the nation are starting to implement a school uniform. Among other rules, they hope that enforcing school uniforms will help reduce clothing-related peer pressure and create uniformity.

However, critics are arguing that school uniforms take away from students’ individualities and freedom of expression. Also if a student’s uniform isn’t up to the standard, he or she could be denied entry into the school. 


Don’t Forget to Smile

Smiling kidshttps://typicalstudent.org/hot/students-life/insane-school-rules-students-must-follow-worldwide

Let’s face it, the majority of people aren’t happy 100% of the time. So they shouldn’t have to fake a smile just to please others. Yet, the Northern Lebanon School District believes every student should have a smile on their face while walking through the hallways.

The school district publicly enforces this rule. If a student is seen looking unhappy, they will get “invited” to the school office to talk about their problems.


Number Cubes

dice https://tfln.co/31-ridiculous-school-rules-students-forced-follow/4/

Imagine getting in trouble as a kid for not calling a set of dice “number cubes.” For many students, this is a reality.

Some schools have decided to ban the term “dice” because they consider it a word associated with gambling. If a student is heard calling it by the wrong name, they could potentially get sent to detention or written up.

Many parents think this is completely unfair.


Red Ink

Red Penhttps://time.com/31960/school-bans-teachers-from-using-red-ink-because-its-too-mean/

Now, this is a rule for the teachers instead of the students. For some reason, the color red is associated with negative qualities when used for grading papers. That’s why schools in the United Kingdom have decided to ban teachers from using red pens when correcting a student’s work.

Teachers are encouraged to use more of a calming color such as blue, green, and purple. They believe this will lower student’s stress when they see the corrections on their coursework.


Flamin’ Hot Cheetos


The insanely popular snack Flamin’ Hot Cheetos was originally released in 1991 by Frito-Lays. Over time, it has become one of the company’s most successful products. However, in recent years there has been some speculation over the snack’s nutritional value.

Several schools in California, New Mexico, and Illinois have even gone as far as to ban the food altogether. If a student is caught with this spicy snack, it will be immediately confiscated. 

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