25 Claims Of Time Travel That Some Believe Are True

Have you ever wished that you could time travel and redo something? We all have. Today though, we’re going to hear about people who might have done just that…or so it seems. While most of these stories are likely just urban legends, according to the laws of physics, traveling through time isn’t completely impossible. In fact, someone might have already done it; we just won’t find out until much later! You’ll have to read through our list to find out more. To be clear, we are NOT saying that these are proof of time travel. Most of these have been rebutted by skeptics and scientists. However, some people still believe that these photos and stories could be legitimate evidence of people who have gone back in time or are here from the past. What do you think? These are 25 claims of time travel that some believe are true!

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Rudolph Fentz

nycSource: nytimes.com

In New York City in 1951, a man wearing 19th century clothing was hit by a car. It was then discovered that he had gone missing in 1876. (The items in his pocket seemed to corroborate this.) Most scholars, however, agree that the story is an urban legend.


The Chronovisor

cathedralSource: telegraph.co.uk

In one of his books, Father François Brune claimed that fellow priest and scientist Father Pellegrino Maria Ernetti developed a machine that allowed him to see through time. Its existence (never mind its functionality) has never been confirmed.


Ettore Majorana

Ettore MajoranaSource: bbc.com

On March 27, 1938, an Italian scientist by the name of Ettore Majorana disappeared on a boat between Palermo and Naples. His disappearance made waves around the world, but no trace was found. Then in 1955, a photo of a man taken in Argentina surfaced that looked exactly like him. Analysis even showed 10 points of similarity between their faces. Given that he looked exactly the same, some people hypothesized that he had built a time machine.


Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage in the pastSource: gizmodo.com; Metro.co.uk

This photo of “Nicolas Cage from the past” looks uncannily like the actor. Though we don’t know who the gentleman in the photo is, the photo is reported to be a genuine carte de visite from c.1870. It was being sold on eBay for $1 million.


Charlotte Moberly and Eleanor Jourdain

Charlotte Moberly and Eleanor JourdainSource: yahoo.com

In 1911, two English academics and authors published a book called “An Adventure” under the names “Elizabeth Morison” and “Frances Lamont.” They claimed to have traveled back in time as well as having seen the ghost of Marie Antoinette during a visit to the Palace of Versailles. Their claims caused quite a bit of controversy and ridicule.

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