25 Cities That Boast The Highest Quality Of Life In The World

Every year American consulting firm Mercer releases its quality of life index ranking cities around the world on numerous criteria. Many companies use this list to determine compensation for employees and international expansion opportunities. The list is indexed with New York City having a score of 100 while every other city is ranked in comparison. You may have noticed that no US or UK cities made the top 25 (which is usually dominated by German speaking cities). That doesn’t mean your city is a terrible place to live though. If we could continue the listing you would see numerous American and British cities popping up after number 25 and especially into the 50s. Keep in mind the world has thousands of very large cities so even being in the top 100 is quite an accomplishment. These are 25 cities that boast the highest quality of life in the world.

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Nuremberg, Germany

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Cosmopolitan yet compact, Nuremberg is lively and urban but at the same time relaxed and laid back. Situated right at its historic center is the Le Méridien Grand Hotel which is a great way to get to know the city!


Montreal, Canada

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This French speaking North American city is actually the second largest French speaking city in the world after Paris. If you’re planning to check take a trip to Montreal, check out Hotel Le St-James. Housed within a converted 1800s bank building, Hotel Le St-James is a European style boutique hotel which resides in the Montréal’s historic district.


Perth, Australia

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Apparently this Australian city has the highest number of millionaires per capita in the world. The Seasons Of Perth hotel is the perthect way (get it?) to get to know this city. It’s walking distance from just about all the major sights.


Brussels, Belgium

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The capital of Europe is famous for its beer and chocolate. Thanks to its diversity it has also been nicknamed the “European Village”. Just 500 meters from the Grand Palace you can find the Metropole Hotel which will make your stay here quite memorable!


Stuttgart, Germany

best citieshttp://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Avda

Labeling itself the “New Heart of Europe”, this German city is spread across numerous hills, vineyards, and valleys, which is unique for a German city. Located right in its heart is the Steigenberger Graf Zeppelin, perfect for anybody planning an extended stay to the city.

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