25 Celebrities Who Died in Horrific Car Crashes

An estimated one million people a year die in road crashes. The Association for Safe International Road Travel also reports that 3,287 people, on average, are killed in car crashes every day. A percentage of those people who lost their lives were famous celebrities.

Some people may think that celebrities are less likely to fall victim to car accidents because they have safer, more expensive cars. However, that is not the case. In fact, most of the crashes in this list were caused by speeding and driving recklessly in a luxurious car.

The celebrities who died in horrific car crashes all left an impression on the world. Some of them were known as Hollywood movie stars while others were artists and singers. To this day, each of these celebrities is greatly missed by their friends, fans, and families.


Jackson Pollock

Pollock https://www.jackson-pollock.org/biography.jsp

Jackson Pollock, an American painter, was born on January 28, 1912, in Wyoming. During the height of his artistic career, his artwork was renowned for his unique painting technique.

At the time, there weren’t many artists who were pouring and splashing paint onto a canvas. Pollock was considered one of the first major figures in the abstract expressionist movement. Pollock passed away at the age of 44 from a single-car accident in 1956. 


John Forbes Nash Jr.


A person must show extensive passion, hard work, and dedication in their field in order to be awarded a Nobel Prize. In 1994, John Forbes Nash Jr. received the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences for the creation of his game theory.

Nash not only dedicated his life to fundamental mathematics but to understanding complex theories of decision-making and chance. Nash was 86 years old when he passed away in 2015.


Heather Bratton


Heather Bratton began her modeling career at a very young age. She was just 15 years old when she decided to attend modeling school. Even though Bratton’s modeling career was cut short, she was able to grace the covers of popular magazines like Covergirl and Vogue.

Bratton was only 19 years old when she was killed in a three-car collision on the New Jersey Turnpike in 2006.


Harry Chapin

Harry Chapinhttps://ultimateclassicrock.com/harry-chapin-dies/

Harry Chapin started off his musical career during his high school years. He sang in the boy’s choir before creating a band with his brothers, Tom and Stephen. After college graduation, Chapin began working as a documentary filmmaker.

However, in 1971 he turned back to his musical roots and formed a new band. They eventually signed with Elektra Records. Sadly, 10 years after returning to music, Chapin was killed in a car accident on the Long Island Expressway.


Marc Bolan


During the early 1970s Marc Bolan, an English singer and songwriter, was considered one of the pioneers of the glam rock movement. He and his band, T. Rex,  were breaking boundaries when it came to traditional rock and roll.

Before Bolan passed away in 1977, the band released four psychedelic rock albums. While the band does have a small collection of hit singles, many fans wonder what might have become of the British band if it hadn’t been for Bolan’s untimely death.

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