25 Board Games That Will Totally Ruin Your Friendships

Have you ever played a board game that ended in a shouting match? Of course, you have! We’ve all been there. Sometimes tempers get hot and you might be playing with sore losers. But, honestly, some board games just have a knack for pushing people’s buttons. Monopoly, of course, is notorious for making the whole family furious. No one had to tell you that. But, what about all the other games out there? We’re here to help you avoid some potential landmines, but also to inspire you to pick up a great new game. Just keep in mind it’ll probably end badly. So, get your game face on. Here are 25 Board Games That Will Totally Ruin Your Friendships.

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Scattergories_boxSource: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/2381/scattergories

In Scattergories, you’re given a list of categories, and you have to answer each with the letter rolled on the dice. Sounds easy, right? Except if you put down the same answer as someone else, you neither of you get any points. Combine that stress with the annoyingly loud clicking from the game’s timer, distracting you from thinking clearly, and you have the perfect setup to never see your friends again.



riskSource: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/181/risk

Risk is the classic board game you’ve probably never finished in your life. It was either too long and you and your friend got bored, or your friend, realizing he has been defeated, throws the board upside down and storms off. Add more players and you start to build alliances and peace treaties with each other, but once those are inevitably broken, the cracks in your friendship will only grow deeper and wider.



carcassonneSource: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/822/carcassonne

At first, Carcassonne plays out like a cute land-building game, placing tiles down one by one. But, before long, you’ll find yourself in a bitter dispute over castles, roads, and farms as you seek to get more points than your friend. Suddenly, you’re debating over the rules, claiming you can place your castle tile adjacent to their castle tile. Once you take that castle from them, garnering many points and putting you in the lead, your friendship may as well be over.




Battleship is the worst guessing game ever invented. Each time you make a guess and your friend says, “Miss,” you question his honesty, thinking he’s lying to you. As the game progresses, the paranoia builds until you finally grab your friends board and twist it around to prove he’s been lying this whole time. Turns out, he wasn’t; it’s just a really dumb board game.



sorrySource: https://www.amazon.com/Hasbro-390095-Sorry-Amazon-Exclusive/dp/B00000IWD0

With a slogan like, “The Sweet Game of Revenge,” you know Sorry! isn’t going to end well. And it doesn’t. It’s one mean-spirited and sarcastic race to the finish, educating children on the rat race of life and how to apologize without really meaning it.

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