25 Blogging Tips You Need To Learn Today

If you’re looking for awesome blogging tips, you’ve come to the right place. Blogging is a fun way to express your thoughts and share your passion. However, success in blogging means hard work and a whole lot of patience. Like in any other field, success comes to those who are open to learning. The best way to improve your blogging skills is to tap into the knowledge from people who are already successful. So today, we’re going to share with you 25 blogging tips from 25 bloggers you’ll probably want to implement today.

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” Write, write, and write some more.” - Andy Sowards

Andy Sowards

“I have been blogging for many years now and at first not so successfully If I could give one tip to anyone new to blogging it would be this: Write, write, and write some more. In the early days of blogging for me, I found writing hard – so I didn’t post as often as I should have at times, and I regret that. I spent a lot of time worrying about what people would think about my topic, or that someone else had covered it better, or any type of self doubt scenario you can think of. Staring at a blank page unable to write anything was a familiar setting.

Over the years though I did write more and more – every time I wrote an article I grew a little more – I found my voice a little more – I was able to think up great topics and research them a little better. Once you find your voice you will know it, and your audience will to. Engaging and connecting with your readers through your writing is crucial to growing an audience and standing out from the rest. These days writing is much easier for me and I actually enjoy writing a lot (and a few people have actually mentioned that they like it too. I enjoy being able to help inspire and teach people online through my writing, it is more than just a blog – its a passion! So keep writing, the internet needs you!”

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“Blogging is fun but requires a lot of work” – A.R. Karthick

Karthick A.R

Blogging isn’t like taking a walk in the park. Even seasoned bloggers knew this. Posting frequency, getting/keeping readership, having constant flow of ideas, motivation/inspiration – are few vital things to take prime care of. You have to be passionate, persistent and at the same time, you have to stay versatile and let enough room for development. Blog on stuffs you find moving rather than emulating what others are doing. Whatever your niche, try to be unique as much as possible, give your blog a life, give it a voice, survive hard, and most importantly have fun too!

Utilize the social networks for good results. Concentrate on the big three: Twitter, Facebook, Google+. Connect with fellow bloggers, engage with them, and promote their content consistently to make your blog’s announcement. Reciprocity is the key here. Keep in mind, limit self-promotion. More over, Whether you blog 3 times/day or 1/week, always follow a schedule to let your readers know you’re here to stay. Forget SEO, for starters, priority should be on providing quality content.


“Write posts that only you can write” – Kerry Gorgone

Kerry Gorgone

The most helpful advice I’ve ever received as a blogger came from my friend and mentor Mark Schaefer. I’d been writing regular posts as a columnist for him, and he was happy with them, but thought I could do more to distinguish myself as a writer. “You’re reporting,” he said, “and it’s great for my blog, but that’s not how you’ll make a name for yourself.” His challenge for me: “write posts that only you can write.” So I dug deep, and wrote a post on the dark side of social networking. It generated nearly 100 comments (the first of my posts to attract that kind of engagement), and people shared it all over the web. The New York Times even mentioned it! So, my advice for new bloggers is this: there’s only one you. Find your voice and your passion, then don’t be afraid to share it. Some people won’t like it, but that just means they’re not your audience. Be real. Be you. Be really you.

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“Be yourself and just have fun” – Peg FitzPatrick

Peg Fitzpatrick

The best advice I learned when I was new was to not follow any of the blogging “rules.” I’m so glad took that advice. If there are blogging rules, I may break them all but I think doing things your own way is best. Don’t worry about hitting the publish button, just get started and get writing. I think people worry too much about getting started and give themselves writer’s block before they even start. Your blog might not be perfect when you start but cut yourself some slack and don’t compare yourself to more established blogs. Be original and have fun!

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“Focus on headlines” – Jim Dougherty

Jim dougherty

My advice for a new blogger would be to focus on headlines. Writers spend so much time and energy focused on developing their distinctive voice and point-of-view yet many don’t stop to realize that readers won’t read their stuff. I’ll relate how I came to this realization: for the first six months that I was blogging I used an online tool that purported to measure the resonance of any given title. One day I wrote a rather matter-of-fact piece, brandished it with a rather matter-of-fact title and it had wider readership and reach than anything that I had done previously. I realized that by trying to finesse my titles, I wasn’t communicating succinctly or clearly about what the piece was about.

Now I rely on my intuition to craft clear headlines that will compel readers to click. I craft them first and sometimes won’t even write an article if I can’t generate interest with the headline I may not write the article. I know that I’ve written a compelling headline when people are responding to the headline on Twitter or Facebook without reading the article.

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