25 Biggest Rip-Offs Ever (That You’re Still Paying For!)

Getting ripped off stinks. Nobody likes it. But guess what? Unless you’re hiding under a rock, you’ve almost certainly been ripped off. Why? Because people are greedy. Okay, well that’s not the topic of today’s list. Rather than being philosophical, we’re going to take a practical approach and show you what to watch out for. These are the 25 Biggest Rip-Offs Ever (That You’re Still Paying For!)

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phoneSource: thetimes.co.uk

Not only do you not need a landline anymore, the telecom companies seem to always be under investigation for less than scrupulous behavior. In short, it’s a rip off that you don’t need in your life.



medicalSource: time.com

This pertains almost exclusively to Americans. And no, it wasn’t the Democrats or the Republicans that made healthcare expensive. It was the insurance companies, the business people, and all the Martin Shkreli’s of the world. They’re making off like bandits without actually doing much.


Ordering Pasta at a Restaurant

pastaSource: businessinsider.com

As they say, you’re not paying for the pasta. You’re paying for the sauce.




With a 400% mark up, you might be better off just putting up with the frustration of assembling IKEA chairs.



hoverboardSource: reddit.com

If it has two wheels, it’s not a hoverboard. Sorry but a real hoverboard would…um…hover?

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