25 Biggest Rip-Offs Ever (That You’re Still Paying For!)

Getting ripped off stinks. Nobody likes it. But guess what? Unless you’re hiding under a rock, you’ve almost certainly been ripped off. Why? Because people are greedy. Okay, well that’s not the topic of today’s list. Rather than being philosophical, we’re going to take a practical approach and show you what to watch out for. These are the 25 Biggest Rip-Offs Ever (That You’re Still Paying For!)

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Convenience Charges

Paymentsatm-Cashless-Ec-cash-Credit-Card-Money-1750490Source: businessinsider.com

Yes, the company has to pay more whenever you used your credit card, but the company also knows that they can jack the fee up because you’re going to pay it anyway.



tv remoteSource: gizmodo.com

Somebody really needs to convince grandma that netflix/youtube/hulu/almost anything at all is better than paying for cable. You don’t get good customer service anyway.



credit cardSource: collegeconfidential.com

Every year millions of students type “fafsa” into google to sign up for financial aid. Unfortunately, many of them end up clicking on fafsa.com instead of fafsa.gov. The .com version is not the official government site! They charge you an extra $80 to fill in your application when you could do it for free on the government website.


"Healthy" Juices

juiceSource: menshealth.com

Just because it says the word “fruit” doesn’t mean it’s healthy. In fact, most of those healthy drinks are nothing more than sugary liquid. You want to be healthy? Drink water. Period.


Food at Theme Parks

rollercoasterSource: cnn.com

Although some theme parks let you bring your own food, for the ones that don’t…you’d better have a back up retirement account.

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