Top 25 Best Games to Play Over the Holidays

Posted by , Updated on December 9, 2019

Over the holidays, most families want to come together and enjoy the pleasures of hearth and home while maybe playing a few great games in the process. But, let’s face it, you’ve likely over-played the game of Monopoly sitting in your closet. It’s time to broaden your horizons and spice’n up your Thanksgiving or Christmas party. There’s nothing better than a new game to make the holidays exciting again. So, get ready, because we’ve got the 25 Best Games to Play Over the Holidays.


Farkel Party Game

farkel party

This party game is for the whole family and only uses dice to play. It’s easy to learn and will help your kids with their math skills and focus.


Jenga GIANT Genuine Hardwood Game


Most people have played Jenga, but it’s likely they haven’t played GIANT Jenga. Believe it or not, it totally changes the dynamic and can be even more fun than the smaller version of the game.




This game can involve 2 to 5 players and has a super fast play time, up to thirty minutes. With beautiful artwork and fun for ages eight and up, you command a submarine as you explore the depths of the ocean for treasure and other valuables. You’ll definitely want to pick this up and play during the holidays.




A fun historical and educational game for ages 8 and older, this card game requires players to place historical events in correct chronological order. It’s not as easy at it sounds and can be a ton of fun playing with your family.


Never Have I Ever


This is one of those 17+ games you play on a quiet holiday night after the kids have gone to bed. The concept is fairly simple, but the game’s questions and rules add a new dynamic to a classic party game.




In this party game for eight players, you sketch a picture and the next person has to guess what it is and then the next person has to sketch that guess. This creative spin on the game of telephone is sure to bring out a few laughs by the end.


Sleeping Queens

sleeping queens

In this card game by Gamewright, all the Queens are sleeping, and it’s your job to wake them up from their spell, using strategy, quick thinking, and luck. It’s good for ages 8 and up and can be played by 2 to 5 players.


Bears Vs. Babies

bears vs babies

This family-friendly card game comes from the creators of Exploding Kittens, and requires you to build monsters from cards to eventually eat babies. Its silliness will undoubtedly bring out a few giggles from both kids and parents.


What Do You Meme?


This late-night adult party game is also not intended for children, but if you love memes (who doesn’t?) and want to get some friends together, then this is a great game to play over the holidays. The concept is simple. You’re given pictures and funny text cards to help you create the best, most hilarious meme for people to vote on. So, go make great memes!


Double Ditto

double ditto

This simple and quick card game will have you laughing for hours over the holidays, but all you really need is 30 minutes to play a full game. Pick up a card, read it out loud, and try to guess what answers someone else will give. It’s that easy.




If you have a family full of little kids over the holidays that you need to keep occupied or have a great time with, then this simple card game could help. Not only that, but it can promote focusing, turn taking, and helping identify emotions.


Zeus on the Loose

zeus on the loose

Like the title says, Zeus has escaped, and it’s up to you to catch him. You’ll need to play cards strategically, adding up numbers, to reach the top of Mount Olympus. This one is great for ages 8 and up.



drink a palooza

By the name alone, you’ve likely figured out this game isn’t for kids. This is a self-proclaimed drinking game, but that doesn’t recommend the use of alcohol in play; it combines the fun of drinking games with non-alcoholic beverages.




This game is primarily for kids but can be enjoyed by all during the holiday season. It helps with mathematical learning, memory building, and strategy. On top of that, it won the Mensa 1996 Best New Mind Game Award.


Reverse Charades

reverse charades

Everyone knows about Charades, but this game flips the script in a totally fun way. Rather than one person acting something out, an entire team acts something out for one person to guess.




From the makers of Set, this is a word-based card game for everyone where the object of the game is to arrange the cards into your hand into words that’ll get you the most points.


Better Me

better me

Around the holidays, people tend to think about what their thankful for but also what they’d like to improve about themselves. Well, now there’s a game to help you and your family out.


City of Zombies

city of zombies

If you ever wanted to trick your kids into learning math, this game will certainly do it. It’s a card and dice game where the only way to survive the zombie apocalypse is to use math. Everyone will definitely have a blast over the holidays playing this game.


Cartoon Network Crossover Crisis

crossover crisis

Who doesn’t love Cartoon Network? It’s likely your kids love it. Well, in this card game, you and your kids can play as all your favorite characters to take down Cartoon Network’s villains.


Watch Ya’ Mouth Mouthguard Party Card Game

watch ya mouth

Likely one of the strangest games on this list, it requires you to put in a mouth retractor while you try to say difficult phrases. But, if you’re looking for a simple and funny way to have fun with your family over the holidays, it might be just the ticket. But, of course, be sure you clean the mouth pieces.




If you need a break from standard board or card games, this game might just be the solution you’re looking for. It’s simple, quick moving, and hilarious. It’s not quite Cards Against Humanity level of adult, but it can get close; you may want to save this one for more mature audiences, particularly if that one family member plays. (You know who I’m talking about. We all have that one family member…)


Monopoly Deal

monopoly deal

Regular Monopoly can take a long time to finish and requires a lot of setup. Instead, get the family together to play Monopoly Deal, a card game of the same popular game. It’s a faster version of the game, and some might say even more fun.




Educational and fun for the whole family, this card game is easy to play but highly addictive. In it, you try to build a hoagie full of delicious ingredients before creatures come and destroy it.


Trash War

trash war

Another great game for the whole family, this card game is all about trash and flinging it at your opponents. It’s easy to learn and ages 8 and up can play.


Ion Card Game


A mix of dominoes and dice, this card game can be enjoyed by up to 10 players, making it an ultimate party game. It also has the option to be a quick 5 minute game or an epic tournament lasting up to 60 minutes.

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