25 Best Game Of Thrones Theories That Could Actually Be True

Posted by , Updated on November 27, 2022

Game of Thrones is hands down the best show on television. With its stellar ratings, gripping drama, and compelling characters, it’s the kind of show every network wants but comes sparingly. It’s been quite a ride so far with many shocking moments, but alas, every good show must come to an end. We’re only one season away from the series finale with hundreds of questions left hanging. Who will die? How will it end? Well, plenty of fans have studied and researched the epic tomes of George R.R. Martin in hopes of finding clues to those questions. Ready to hear what they have to say? Here are 25 Best Game Of Thrones Theories That Could Actually Be True. BTW. SPOILER ALERT


Jon Snow's sword, Longclaw, is alive.

white walkerSource: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-4812662/Game-Thrones-fans-believe-Jon-Snow-s-sword-ALIVE.html

It’s a little far fetched but hear us out. In “Beyond the Wall,” there’s a short clip of Jon Snow’s sword. On the hilt, is the dire wolf and as Jon Snow is deep in the water, there’s a shot of the hilt right before Jon grabs the sword. For a brief second, fans thought they saw the eye blink, leading to the theory that, you guessed it, Longclaw could be alive!


Varys could be a merman.

varysSource: https://winteriscoming.net/2017/02/11/fan-theory-corner-varys-is-a-merman/

Have you ever wondered how Varys travels so quickly from place to place? Many believe he could be a merman. Hear us out on this. In the books, Martin does mention “merlings,” which are sea creatures similar to a merman. Varys is also a eunuch and no one really knows where he came from. Tyrion also made this threat in season two, “Threaten me again, and I’ll have you thrown into the sea.” Varys’s response is rather telling, “You might be disappointed in the results. The storms come and go, the big fish eat the little fish, and I keep on paddling.”


Meera and Jon are twins.

meera and jonSource: http://www.digitalspy.com/tv/game-of-thrones/feature/a800103/this-game-of-thrones-fan-theory-could-be-massive-does-jon-snow-have-a-twin-sister/

While it might seem silly at first, the theory that Meera and Jon are twins holds up a little. Putting aside their striking resemblance and the long curly hair, the scene where Ned Stark goes to see his sister Lyanna is prime evidence. Why? Because Howland Reed was there as well. While we didn’t see a second baby, it’s not implausible that another was born (i.e. Meera) and Ned asked Howland to take her home with him while he takes Jon.


Jaime will kill Cersei.

JaimeSource: http://www.businessinsider.com/game-of-thrones-will-jaime-kill-cersei-2016-6

Cersei is out of control, but her days are assuredly numbered. As we know a prophecy was foretold about her life and all of it has come true up to this point. The only last thing left is her death which is said to be by a “valonqar” which means “Little Brother” in High Valyrian. Some have said this means Tyrion will kill her, but others point out Jaime is also technically a little brother. Jaime is the closest to Cersei and the most pained by all the horrible things she continues to do. Jaime is likely to be pushed to the edge and kill her.


Varys has been pulling all the strings this whole time.

varysSource: http://screenrant.com/game-thrones-varys-fan-theory/

Everything that’s happened all the way up to this point is all because of Varys. He conspired to have Dany married off to Khal Drogo and used Jorah as a spy. The reason he testified against Tyrion was to have him removed from King’s Landing and send him to Dany. Besides, he spreads information and misinformation at every turn to fit his needs and shapes the game on the outside. While he doesn’t seem to want to have power, he does like to manipulate others for some end that has yet to be discovered.


Euron Greyjoy is going to steal Dany's dragons.

euronSource: http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/blogs/game-of-moans/euron-greyjoys-magic-valyrian-horn-may-control-danerys-dragons/news-story/e7719b5ae6eb26dc2c1746dd52c6e940

Euron Greyjoy is acting as the new sadistic villain of the season, and so far he’s doing a lot of damage. But some have wondered, what if he can take control of Khaleesi’s dragons? In the books, Euron has “Dragonbinder” a horn which allows him to do just that. With Euron vying for Cersei’s hand in marriage, it’s plausible he could take one of the dragon’s and use it against Dany.


Cleganebowl will lead to Cersei's death.

cleganeSource: http://time.com/4728984/game-of-thrones-cersei-prophecy-cleganebowl-theory/

Cleganebowl is the theorized final battle between Gregor and Sandor Clegane, or The Mountain and The Hound. However, one theory claims Cersei will be tried for her crimes and will request a trial by combat with The Mountain as her champion. Sandor will step forward to fight against the Mountain. Sandor will win and Cersei will die, making her “valonqar” or “little brother” prophecy come true because Sandor is the little brother of Gregor.


Tyrion is a Targaryen.

tyrionSource: http://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/tv/news/game-of-thrones-tyrion-targaryen-theory-lannister-joanna-tywin-aerys-mad-king-a7882131.html

There’s a long complicated history behind this theory, but we’ll try to sum it up. It’s said that before he was king, Aerys Targaryen took Joanna Lannister’s virginity and during her wedding night took some “unwonted liberties” during the bedding ceremony. After Cersei and Jaime were born, Joanna and Twyin visited King’s Landing for a tournament event on 272 AC and Joanna died giving birth to Tyrion a year later in 273 AC. Coincidence? Many think not. The theory explains that Aerys must have slept with Joanna again, conceiving Tyrion. It also explains why Tywin would hate him so much.


The Prince Who Was Promised is Jon Snow or Daenerys.

jon danySource: http://www.express.co.uk/showbiz/tv-radio/833317/game-of-thrones-prince-promised-azor-ahai-princess-jon-snow-daenerys-season-7-episode-2

“The Prince Who Was Promised” is part of a prophecy of The Lord of Light, stating a savior will come wielding a fiery sword known as “Lightbringer” to combat a coming darkness. For a while, Melisandre believed Stannis was this person but later chose Jon Snow since he resurrected from the dead. However, lately, we’ve discovered the translation can mean both “Prince or Princess.” Daenarys technically also resurrected from the dead and could be the Princess. So, a theory suggests the two likely candidates are Jon or Dany.


The Wall will be destroyed.

the wallSource: http://www.businessinsider.com/game-of-thrones-the-wall-coming-down-2016-5

*SPOILER ALERT* In order for The Night King and his massive army of the undead to march into Westeros, it’s been theorized The Wall is going to have to come down at some point. The most recent evidence was when The Hound saw a vision in the fire of the White Walkers marching past a castle near the wall. *UPDATE*, this theory has now been confirmed after tonight’s episode. (Again, spoiler alert…..btw, spoiler alert….continue at your own peril). In a brilliant spectacle, what can only be called an ice dragon has brought the wall down using it’s blue breath!


The Iron Throne will be dismantled.

Iron throneSource: http://www.businessinsider.com/game-of-thrones-who-will-win-iron-throne-2017-7

The Iron Throne is the one thing everyone is constantly fighting over in this long series. However, one theory states, in the end, the Iron Throne won’t even exist and will be disassembled by whoever is the final victor.


The three heads of the dragon is Tyrion, Jon, and Daenerys.

jon tyrion danySource: https://www.popsugar.com/entertainment/Game-Thrones-3-Heads-Dragon-Theory-41259640

In the House of the Undying, Daenerys has a vision of her brother Rhaegar stating, “the dragon has three heads.” A theory points to Daenerys, Jon, and Tyrion, all being Targaryens, as the three heads, or riders, of the dragons. Eventually, Jon and Tyrion will ride one of Dany’s dragons. Some even believe they’ll all be the winners in the end and will be rulers over certain parts of Westeros.


Samwell Tarly is telling the whole story.

samwell tarlySource: https://www.bustle.com/articles/171524-is-samwell-tarly-narrating-game-of-thrones-if-this-theory-is-true-it-could-change-everything

With Sam visiting Old Town and wanting to become a Maester, fans of the show have theorized he could be the author of the entire story, chronicling the Game of Thrones and putting the book at the library. If true, it means Sam makes it in the end and all the characters could be colored from his perspective.


Dany will become the villain.

danySource: http://www.businessinsider.com/game-of-thrones-fan-theory-about-daenerys-could-be-coming-true-2017-8

A long held Game of Thrones theory has been that Dany will inevitably become consumed and corrupted with power and ultimately be the villain the Starks and others will have to fight against. Evidence of this has already happened in the show with Dany ruthlessly burning the Tarly patriarch and his son alive. Since she is the daughter of the “Mad King,” fans and even characters of the show have pointed out she could easily become like her father with the added power of her dragons.


Jon and Dany will marry and one will have to kill the other.

jon and danySource: https://www.inverse.com/article/31127-jon-snow-azor-ahai-daenerys-targaryen-game-of-thrones-murder

In the legend of Azor Ahai, the savior was able to bring about the end of a new darkness with Lightbringer. However, the only way to do that was to stab his beloved wife. Season 7 has been slowly kindling a bond between Dany and Jon, and after *SPOILER ALERT* that sex scene on the boat, there is now no doubt. One theory suggests Dany and Jon will marry, but one will have to kill the other in order to become Azor Ahai, wield Lightbringer, and destroy The Night King.


Arya will kill Littlefinger (Proven after tonight's episode)

aryaSource: https://www.popsugar.com/entertainment/Who-Kill-Littlefinger-Game-Thrones-43429650

Littlefinger’s craftiness has come to an end. The theory was that Arya will figure Littlefinger’s schemes out, pretend to be Catelyn, and then kill him. It didn’t quite happen that way, but the way Arya and Sansa finally put an end to him was truly epic. Did you see the look on Littlefingers face? There has to be a meme in there somewhere.


The Lord of Light is a God of War

lord of lightSource: https://www.forbes.com/sites/danidiplacido/2017/08/21/a-theory-regarding-game-of-thrones-and-the-lord-of-light/#413475eb1631

In Westeros and beyond, there are several religions that reside in various kingdoms and houses. In King’s Landing, they worship The Seven; in the North, they worship the old gods; and at the Iron Islands, they worship the Drowned God. However, Melisandre, the Red Priestesses, and the Brotherhood worship The Lord of Light. Of all these gods, The Lord of Light seems to be the only one that’s real, pushing an agenda of his own through visions and magic. Originally, it was thought The Lord of Light wanted the White Walkers destroyed, but that theory was killed by the episode “Beyond the Wall” when Thoros was killed. With the drums of war continuing on, some theorize The Lord of Light may actually want it and is an “Ares” type of god who fuels war by sending people into conflicts.


Cersei will be betrayed by the Iron bank.

queen cerseiSource: http://mashable.com/2017/08/03/lannister-debt-cersei-iron-bank-game-of-thrones-season-7/#QEdrwSrH_kqR

Playing the game of thrones, Cersei has always loved to make deals with other parties with more power than her. She made deals with Highgarden, the High Septon, and the High Sparrow to use their power, and now as Queen is using the Iron Bank. In each case, she was betrayed in one way or the other except for the Iron Bank. It’s likely she won’t be able to keep her promises with them, and they will turn on her, ending her rule.


Bran is the Night King

branSource: http://nerdist.com/bran-night-king-game-of-thrones-theory/

The Bran is the Night King theory has been growing this season. Essentially, the argument is that with Bran going back in time to stop the White Walkers and failing each time has lead him to get stuck inside the Night King. The Three-Eyed Raven even warned Bran that if you stay inside a person for too long, you’ll get stuck there. The theory goes that Bran took one too many trips and when he tried to warg into the Night King’s form, he got stuck.


Bran will warg into a dragon.

got dragonSource: https://www.popsugar.com/entertainment/Bran-Going-Warg-Dragon-Game-Thrones-43739237

Now that Bran is the Three-Eyed Raven, he has unbelievable powers to warg into other beings. (Warg meaning to enter the minds of other beings and even control their actions.) Fans have theorized he’ll eventually warg into one of Dany’s dragons. This could prove rather useful if Euron does take control of her dragons as Bran could steal them away from Euron.


The Night King is one of the first Stark men.

night kingSource: https://www.reddit.com/r/FanTheories/comments/6oepbu/request_theories_on_who_the_night_king_really_is/

Fans believe The Night King’s identity will send shockwaves, becoming a major reveal in the story. We know he was a human captured and then created as a White Walker by the Children of the Forest, but we don’t know who he was at that point in time. One theory suggests the man was one of the first Starks with tremendous green-seeing and warging abilities, allowing him to bring people back from the dead.


Littlefinger will win in the end (disproved after tonight's episode).

littlefingerSource: https://www.reddit.com/r/gameofthrones/comments/4sj0hh/everything_littlefinger_will_win_the_game_of/

The theory states that Littlefinger is likely to win the game of thrones. He’s played one of the best games so far, moving the chess pieces well to his advantage. Rather than being played, he plays other people with a crafty wit. Littlefinger would have been likely to sit back and watch everyone kill each other before taking the throne for himself. But as we now know, this did not happen.


The Night King will win in the end.

the night kingSource: http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/blogs/game-of-moans/why-night-king-will-win-george-rr-martins-game-of-thrones/news-story/763b89b014157f4cd84f77edaaa04011

The Night King will rule over Westeros, that’s at least the theory. Since George R.R. Martin isn’t a fan of magical, happy stories and loves to torment readers, he might end the story with The Night King winning, bringing about an endless winter. Perhaps some heroes will escape to Braavos, but in this theory, they all likely die.


Jon Snow wins.

jon snowSource: https://www.cheatsheet.com/entertainment/game-thrones-jon-snow-will-win-iron-throne.html/?a=viewall

No matter how you swing it, The Night King winning would be a huge downer, even for George R.R. Martin. Instead, the winds of fortune seem to be pointing in Jon Snow’s direction and for several reasons. First, as Rhaegar Targaryen’s legitimate son, he has more claim to the throne than anyone. He’s the most beloved character of the show. He’s already been named King in the North. He’s honorable, strong, and a good leader. If the last scene was him sitting on the Iron Throne and the credits rolled, everyone would be super pleased with that ending.


Bran is the Lord of Light.

bran starkSource: https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2016/aug/03/bran-is-the-lord-of-light-readers-game-of-thrones-season-finale-predictions

Like we said, Bran as the Three-Eyed Raven has a tremendous amount of power, with the ablity to go back into the past and alter the future. One theory suggests all the “visions” and “prophecies” are Bran telling people about what is to come and people created a religion out of it and called Bran, “The Lord of Light.”

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