25 Best Escape Rooms You Might Not Get Out Of

Posted by , Updated on March 24, 2024

The concept of escape rooms has seen a significant surge in popularity worldwide in recent times. They’ve emerged in various cities, from San Francisco to Boston, and have become more widespread than ever. But what exactly is an escape room? The basic structure is quite straightforward. It involves putting a group of individuals inside a themed room where they need to crack a puzzle in 60 minutes or less. These rooms may vary in theme, from crime mysteries to haunted houses, but the central concept remains focused on solving the puzzles, accomplishing the objectives, and finding a way out. The popularity of escape rooms doesn’t seem to be diminishing any time soon. Companies are seeking these rooms for business retreats touting team-building benefits, families during vacations, and friends who are looking for a unique and exciting activity. Wondering about the top-rated options around? Get ready because by the end of this list, you’ll find yourself itching to give one a try. Here are the 25 Best Escape Rooms You Might Not Get Out Of.



House of Hints

keySource: https://www.houseofhints.com/

Located in San Diego, this escape room boasts a number of different rooms to try out, including “High School Detention”, “The CSI Lab,” and “The Pawn Shop.” All the puzzles are in-house designed and unique.


Locked In: The Birmingham Escape Game

classroomSource: https://birmingham.lockedin.com/

Located in Birmingham, Alabama, this escape room was ranked one of the best by USA Today. Their hardest room is called “The Classroom,” where you wake up in a schoolhouse to find a riddle on the chalkboard and a message implying nothing is as it seems.


Room Escape Live

escape gameSource: https://losangeles.roomescapelive.com/?lang=eng

This escape room located in Los Angeles has a number of great rooms to break out of. From a cold war bunker to Tesla’s mystery, they have a variety of historical and modern day rooms and can host up to 42 players at the same time.


Real Escape Game

pacific rimSource: https://realescapegame.com/tickets/

This popular escape room venue out of San Francisco focuses on popular movies and genres as their theme. One of their current escape games is based on the Pacific Rim franchise.


Mission: Escape Atlanta

old librarySource: http://www.missionescapeatlanta.com/

This Atlanta escape room venue has two different rooms called “The Study” and “The Hotel” that can host up to 10 people. It’s received many accolades from the likes of CNN and Business Insider.


Palace Games

teddy rooseveltSource: https://palace-games.com/

Also located in San Francisco, this venue has four different rooms, several which are based on American History. For instance, the “Roosevelt Escape Room” is all about preparing for World War I.



Bow_part_ScorpionSource: https://trapologyboston.com/

Out on the East Coast, this escape room is considered Boston’s most challenging. With four rooms, “The Drunk Tank” and “Crush Depth” prove to be their most insane. They became particularly notable for teaming up with Chris Evans to make a pop-up escape room and surprising the guests.


The Basement

basementSource: https://thebasementla.com/

This slightly terrifying escape room has several rooms to try to break out of, but “The Basement” is the most difficult and notable. With only a 12.5% success rate, you likely will struggle to get out of this room.



skullSource: https://www.enchambered.com/

A venue based out of Sacramento, they offer three immersive escape rooms to enjoy, or dread, depending on which you choose. From “Skull Witch” to “Containment Breach,” you’ll feel like you’re fighting for your life in these challenging rooms.


Austin Panic Room

oval officeSource: https://texaspanicroom.com/austin/

Located in Austin, Texas, this venue’s “Oval Office” is less an escape room and more about saving the country before time runs out. They do, of course, have several other escape rooms, like “Prison Break,” a fully immersive prison experience and their hardest escape room.


Trapped in a Room with a Zombie

zombieSource: https://mindsparkescape.com/austin/zombie-game/trapped-in-a-room-with-a-zombie-in-austin/

This escape room adds an extra layer to its already difficult setting. Trapped in a room with zombies chained to the wall, once one breaks free, you have to decide who of your team will be eaten. In the meantime, you have to try to solve the puzzles and escape the room before you all die.


Breakout KC

heroSource: https://breakoutkc.com/

Located in Kansas City, this escape room claims to have one of the highest rated escape games in the world. Touting its family-friendly environment and tough challenges, there’s something for everyone at this venue. One, in particular, is called “The Hero” and tasks you with stopping an evil doctor.


Claustrophobia Escape Room

claustrophobicSource: https://riddlesescaperoom.com/room/claustrophobia/

If you’re claustrophobic, don’t go here. Built only for two people, this tiny room will be challenging both mentally and physically. In this one, you only have 30 minutes, and they turn up the heat.


Escape MSP

log cabin fogSource: https://escapemsp.com/

In this escape room, you with a team of 4 to 10 players will try to collect the hidden assets and escape the room before its too late. This venue touts several missions, including raiding a museum and discovering the mystery of an eerie cabin.


Mr. X Escape Room

mr xSource: http://www.mr-x.com.cn/skcms/en/room_en01.html

Hailing from Shanghai, China, this escape room venue is favorably reviewed and takes on video game style design. Each room has a variety of missions, each more difficult than the last. Mission 8 is their most difficult.


Cross Roads Escape Games

psychwardSource: https://crossroadsescapegames.com/the-hex-room/

With escape room names like “The Hex Room” and “The Psych Ward,” it’s safe to say this venue is all about scares. The Hex Room is specifically about trying to escape a horror film. With only a 20% escape rate, it turns out escaping a horror film isn’t all that easy.


Breakout Lawrence

y2kSource: https://www.breakoutlawrence.com/#home

From a scenario where you have to stop Y2K to a Civil War reenactment, this venue has some very unique rooms. Those up for the challenge of the Civil War room should know, there’s only a 25% escape rate.


60 to Escape

arcadeSource: https://www.62escape.com/

This venue located out of Gurnee, Illinois, has a wide variety of escape rooms to choose from, including “Blast from the Past,” a game about finding a missing arcade owner, and “Containment” a game requiring you to stop whatever lies inside a government facility from getting loose.


5 Wits

corridorSource: http://5-wits.com/about/

Located in several states along the East Coast, this venue touts a heightened escape room experience that acts more like an adventure video game. Rather than getting out of one room, you have to move through multiple rooms to escape and complete the quest.


The Caretaker

dark woodsSource: https://americasescapegame.com/orlando/the-caretaker/

Coming out of Orlando, Florida, this escape room is considered one of the hardest and scariest escape rooms in the United States. Deep within an Oregon forest lies an evil doctor trying to create the next plague. Your job is to help the Caretaker get out of the woods before it’s too late.


Escape Hunt

victorianSource: https://paris.escapehunt.com/en/

This Parisian venue has a rich 19th-century theme and who-dun-it flavor, allowing you and your team to pretend you’re detectives trying to solve a crime. Even more unique, it’s a live event with several cameras watching you solve the mystery.


Escape Code

strangerSource: https://www.escapecode.tv/

Located in Branson, Mo, this venue has many creative escape rooms. From trying to escape a stranger’s revenge to staying at a creepy cottage, they have a variety of interesting stories for you to experience.


Escape Room Insomnia DC

ghostSource: https://insomniaescaperoomdc.com/

With a variety of rooms ranging from beginner level to advanced, this venue has fantasy, science fiction, and historical escape rooms to whet your appetite.



jokerSource: https://omescape.us/sanjose/escape-games/

Located in several locations across the United States, this venue has some very surreal and bizarre escape rooms, including “Joker’s Asylum” in San Jose. It boasts a tremendous difficulty and eerie mystery to solve.


60 Out

jumanjiSource: https://www.60out.com/los-angeles/escape-rooms

This escape room venue comes out of Los Angeles and has 23 different quests to enjoy. From a “Jumani: Welcome to the Jungle” theme to a horror ghost ship theme, it’s likely you’ll find something that interests you.

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