25 Awesome Gifts Any College Grad Would Want

Scratching your head over gift ideas for your favorite college grad? College grads take a unique step after leaving higher education behind; they now face the adult world. Too often this can be a shock to the system. Rarely does living a student’s lifestyle cut it, and they’ll need the stuff to get them ready for the next stage in their life. Fortunately, that’s where you come in. Now that you know someone who is graduating college, you can help make that next step just a little bit easier. From clothing to new gadgets, we’ve got plenty of college graduation gift ideas. So, get your shopping cart ready. Here are 25 Awesome Gifts Any College Grad Would Want.

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Ring Light

ring light

Today, taking a selfie is as common as peanut butter and jelly, so why not help out your recent college grad with a Ring Light? This one specifically attaches to an iPhone, making each selfie perfectly lit.


Selfie Stick

selfie stick

On top of that, though slightly embarrassing, a selfie stick will help a college grad get even better selfie angles and shots than ever before.


The Quarter-Life Breakthrough by Adam Smiley Poswolsky

quarter life breakthrough

Once college is over, many graduates can feel lost and unsure how to move forward. The Quarter-Life Breakthrough by Adam Smiley Poswolsky could be a helpful and inspiring book to give them direction.


Multi-Tool with Flashlight


College grads rarely have their own tools. Now that they’re stepping out into the real world, they’re going to need a good multi-tool to make basic repairs.


Standing Desk

laptop stand

In today’s workforce, standing is all the rage. So, if your college grad got a work-from-home job, get them a standing desk. They’ll have better posture and health as a result.

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